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Best Land Casinos in the World


Where are the very best land based casinos in the world, including UK Casino? Are you going to say Las Vegas? Well, although there are some amazing casinos there, and although that’s the place that most people think about when asked to come up with the names of some incredible casinos, it’s not necessarily where the absolute best in the world are. Let’s look at some of those great ones and see what they have to offer.

The Venetian in Macau, China

The Venetian can be found in Macau, China, more specifically on Macau’s Coastal Strip. This casino is the biggest in the world, taking up a massive 546,000 square feet. Within this huge space you’ll find 3,000 slot machines, 870 different gaming tables, as well as 24 restaurants and bars, three full shopping malls, and four spectacular swimming pools! It even has a replica of the canals of Venice (hence the name) and guests are able to have a gondola ride. Wow!

Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Connecticut, USA

Rivalling The Venetian for size, but not quite matching up, the 340,000 square foot Foxwoods Resort and Casino is impressive indeed. It was built in an Indian reservation, so you can imagine how open and spacious it and its surroundings really are. There are more than 400 gaming tables in this casino and it boasts 7,000 slot machines; enough to keep any gambler happy for a very long time. Its 29 bars and restaurants are set out to make the resort feel more like a village than a casino, and it’s possible to spend a wonderful relaxing break here if you choose to.

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Casino Baden-Baden in Baden-Baden, Germany

As no-nonsense and to the point as the name of this casino is, the Baden-Baden is a luxurious place to be, and is considered to be the finest casino in all of Germany. You’ll find it just outside the Black Forest, and that is only one of its charms. Be aware though; the Baden-Baden is only open to gamblers on certain days each week, but once you are inside you can play blackjack, poker, baccarat, punto banco, and much more surrounded by opulence.

City of Dreams in Macau, China

A casino from Macau, China, is on the list for a second time, and rightly so. This one measures 420,000 square feet, and contains more than 1,350 slot machines. How long would it take (and how much would it cost) to play at each of them? Maybe it’s a challenge worth taking up because when you enter the City of Dreams you really are entering a dream world full of entertainment, luxury, and fun. With 1,400 hotel rooms to choose from, staying here is a great idea, and you’ll never go hungry thanks to the 14 restaurants and bar. For entertainment (apart from the gambling) there are even two clubbing arenas!

Casino Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal

The gaming floor of this casino is more than 165,000 square feet, offering plenty of space to everyone who wants to play on the 1,100 slot machines. There are lots of other tables too so you can choose your ultimate casino games and make a night of it indulging in the Casino Lisboa.

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