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5 Best iTunes Alternatives For Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP


The iTunes Alternatives are required to provide the flexibility and customization of the features without changing the familiar platform of the apple iTunes.

The iTunes has come up not just the way to communicate with the apple stores, but also as the only official manger for the iPhone, iPod and iPad via PCs. However, there are many users who find the iTunes as the manger with the limited features and needs something extra from the manager.

Obviously, there is no way to make the changes in the coding files of the iTunes managers on your PC. It is not the open source freeware. However, it is possible to get the new manager that resembles the features of the iTunes, works like it and gives the extra features, compatibility and connectivity in the iPhone as preferred by the users.

Interestingly, here is many such iPhone managers that work on Windows and can be downloaded from the internet. Here are top 5 iTunes Alternatives for the same.



Winamp is more like the music manager for the iPod and other Apple devices. It manages the library as well as keep track of all the music files to manipulate it as per the user’s command. However the interface of the winamp is not as same as that of the iTunes. It is in the skin of the media player which has the wide connectivity options. It supports the android as well as iOS based devices on the windows for fluent use. It is amiable for the free of cost as well as the pro version is on the internet for reasonable amount of fee.

Media Monkey Library

Media Monkey Library is the uptimes for handling the large files of the music as well as the vast libraries without any technical glitches. The software comes with lots of tools that give the freedom to optimize the work of the manager as per the user’s demands. Also, its wide connectivity options give the flexibility to connect the iPhone, iPod or iPad along with the android devices to the windows platform. It is available on the internet for the free of cost.

Foobar 2000


Foobar 2000 is the portable software tool which is optimized for transferring the music files from the PC to the Apple devices and vice versa. The tool is lightweight and does not grab much space on the disk drive. However, it is highly powerful in its work. The fluent connectivity as well as the powerful file transfer algorithm handles the bulk file transfer to the iPod. The tool is also effective in trans-coding the format of the music files to make it compatible with the Apple devices.


Amarok is the top notch utility to replace the iTunes. It has the excellent features to support the cross platform compatibility including Windows, Unix and others. Also, it has many integrated services, including the and Magnatune, which can be accessed using the intuitive interface of the tool.



Unlike any other, the MusicBee is the powerful tool that can easily replace the iTunes when it comes to transfer bulk files from PC to iPod on the windows platform. It comes with many advanced features like the inbuilt internet browser, CD ripper, sync features and lots more.

All the above managers are ranked as the top 5 alternatives to the iTunes on the windows platform. They have fine connectivity and awesome features that enhance the capability of your PC manager. Interestingly, they can be downloaded free of cost and installation takes a few minutes on the windows platform, including Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 8.1.

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