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10 Best iPad Apps For Printing e-Book Content


With the availability of devices that allow e-books to be installed, there are now many printing tools that one can use to print any content as they wish. This format of reading and printing is available on platforms such as the Apple iPad, and the device allow users to install applications that will help optimize conditions for printing the content out.

App #1: Print in Share

You can connect to printers with WIFI enabled functions to print directly, without the requirement of a computer system! You may alternatively choose to print via your PC to any available printer, including those with USB or Bluetooth ports.

App #2: PrintDirect

Just by using a device such as an iPad, you will be able to remotely setup your printer. This app will allow you send documents for printing to all printers that you have setup. Without the need for external software, you can print directly to all WIFI/Wireless printers. You can also print any type of documents over an available 3G/4G network in your local area.

App #3: Printer Pro

Printer Pro allows you to print from your iPad wirelessly. It is able to print directly to many WIFI printers or any printer that’s attached to your PC via an assistant application that needs to be installed on your computer first.

App #4: Print

‘Print’ is an app that allows you print any Documents, Web Pages, E-Mail, Notes, Images, and Attachments, from your iPhone or iPad hassle-free.

App #5: Print Utility

Print Utility is a great extension from AirPrint, which is a function made available by default. With this app you can store, arrange and view documents using the documents manager that is included inside.

App #6: Print to All Printers

This app allows you to easily print out photos and even phone numbers from your contact list – or printing pages from the web to read at a later time. You can do all this without the need of a computer, you can be anywhere and be able to print, as long as there is a working printer by your side that can receive data via a wireless connection.

App #7: Print Agent Pro

Print Agent PRO is a state-of-the-art application that lets you to store documents, browse/read and print wirelessly to an available printer in your network.

App #8: Print Agent Lite

Connect to a printer and start printing with less or no waiting time. It is designed for both the iPhone and iPad. It contains updated bug fixes and is compatible with devices that are installed with the iOS 7 operating system.

App #9: Brother iPrint&Scan

This application is free for all! It allows you to print or scan items to your very own iOS devices such as your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. With an available wireless network in your local area, you would just need to connect to your Brother or All-in-one printer to start the process.

App #10: ezShare Pro

ezShare Pro is the perfect application to connect to your computer. With the remote desktop function, you can access and control all your personal documents, photos, and even music while you are physically away from your station!

With these 10 great choices, your printing management via iPad can be tackled effortlessly so take your pick today and download at least one of these apps on your iPad!

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