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7 Best Free Online Tools for Writers for 2021


Every aspect of crafting a story has its own set of difficulties. Your writing process will be aided if you have a well-stocked toolkit. For this toolkit, you want the greatest writing tools and software on the market to help you get the job done. However, you do not want to spend a lot of money to improve your writing skills.

You don’t have to pay a dime to obtain some of the greatest free writing apps to help you write more efficiently and precisely. Today, there are a plethora of fantastic writing applications and tools to pick from and explore. Most of them are unconstrained and will not cost you anything to use. You have come to the correct spot if you’re seeking the latest applications and tools to help you improve your writing. Check if you can come up with a few top favorites to save on your laptop or utilize online.

#1 PDFBear

As writers, we always want to save our articles in a PDF file format so that we can ensure their safety and security. However, there are times we realize there are some parts to omit in the middle of our proofreading. Hence, we need to delete the page wherein the part is included.

To make your task easier, use the PDFBear online tool to delete PDF pages for free! This PDF removal tool will assist you in removing superfluous pages from your PDF document that you don’t want others to see or that you need to remove quickly in just a few clicks. If you are worried about your privacy, the site ensures that after the download link has been established for an hour, PDFBear will destroy your files. From any device, you may read PDF documents and delete pages using the cloud conversion tool. All of the heavy work to remove PDF pages from your desired uploads is completed on the backend. It is indeed one of the must-have online tools that you can use for free. Download and try it today for your writing tasks.

#2 AbiWord

AbiWord is a good choice if you want to keep things simple. It’s been around for quite some time, and while its appearance may be a touch antiquated, its functioning is not. AbiWord is best described as uncluttered. If you want to write without being distracted, here is the place to be. There are all the essentials, such as spell-checking and auto-saving. AbiWord also supports the most common file formats, such as Docx. AbiWord isn’t flashy, but it gets the job done. It’s perfect for creating blog entries and articles. However, because of its print restrictions, which necessitate the use of additional software to obtain a print preview, it may not be the ideal option for writing your book.

#3 WPS Office

If you’ve used Microsoft Word or Google Docs before, you’ll be able to get started with WPS Office right away. It includes all the typical functionality you’d expect from an alternative word processor, and it operates with most file formats. One of its most useful features is the ability to drag-and-drop paragraphs, which may be useful at times. Tabbed documents are another time-saving but simple feature of WPS. While Excel has had this feature for a long time, Word has never had it, therefore working on two papers at the same time in WPS is considerably more efficient. WPS also offers a 1GB cloud storage option for PC and iOS users.

#4 Kindle Create

Kindle Create is a must-have free writing software tool for self-publishing authors using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Over the previous few years, the program has vastly improved. It was initially unreliable, and its main purpose was to assist you in formatting a Kindle book. But now that Amazon has integrated Createspace with KDP, the stability is considerably better, and Amazon has been gradually introducing additional capabilities. Not only can Kindle Create now create ebooks, but it can also format hardback books. However, this most recent option is still in testing. Using Kindle Create, formatting stunning ebooks is a breeze.

#5 Google Docs

Google Docs is a suite of office products similar to Microsoft Office. Of course, the biggest distinction is that Google Docs is available online for free. You will have little trouble adapting to Docs, which is the word processor component if you are familiar with Word. The user interface and all the formatting choices are quite similar. Unlike certain word processing software, Docs has a word counter so you can keep track of how many words you’ve written. Because of the ease of sharing documents online, many writers, especially content writers, utilize Google Docs. If you write each day and need to interact with other writers, content editors, proofreaders, or editors, Google Docs makes it simple.

#6 KDP Wizard

KDP Wizard is a tool for managing Kindle Direct Publishing. You can rapidly and effortlessly access all of your book data and files in one location. It’s a lot easier to modify all of your book information this way than it is to travel from page to page on your KDP dashboard. For your book descriptions, it contains a Rich Text Editor, so you don’t have to go to Author Central and modify it in HTML. You may quickly browse and pick categories to expedite the listing process or change your categories. You may have access to your search term profiles, writers, collaborators, descriptions, price profiles, and more using the app.

#7 Shaxpir

Shaxpir’s free edition has a lot of functionality for a specialized book authoring tool. To reorganize your manuscript, utilize the Manuscript Builder’s drag-and-drop features. You may rearrange the chapters and scenes in whatever order you like. As a result, you’ll be able to find a framework that works for you. You may establish objectives and monitor your progress. You may also keep meticulous records of your characters, locations, and events. It can also help you make margin remarks and gather idea art with it.


There are several writing software, tools, and resources available to all authors. There are other free book writing programs available that perform well for any book project. Some of the greatest free writing tools and applications may be obtained without spending any money. For a word processor, book writing, short story writing, and punctuation and grammatical correction tools, there is a plethora of open-source and free software options.

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