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The Best Free Movie Streaming Apps 2020


Movie fans rejoice, as it’s never been easier to find and watch your favorite movies on your mobile or tablet – absolutely free. Paid subscription streaming services may be all the rage these days, but not all of us can or want to commit to paying a monthly fee. We’ve found the pick of the free mobile movie streaming apps that you can download today, for both Android and iOS users.

Mobiles and tablets have become our number one device for entertainment, whether it’s streaming movies and TV or finding the best Indian casinos at However, you should always be careful not to download any unauthorized software which may cause problems on your device. All the apps listed here are completely free and can be found at the official app stores.

Many apps of this type are on the wrong side of legal, but we have not included any of them in this article. As these apps are all free to download and use, you may have to put up with a bit of advertising in order to watch movies or TV shows. However, this should be a small price to pay for access to so much entertainment at your fingertips.

1. Kodi

Kodi is an incredibly powerful multimedia entertainment platform, which can be used on practically any kind of device or operating system. The software gives users access to many different kinds of content, so as well as movies, you can find TV shows, music, and games.

Unlike many movie streaming apps, there are no geo-restrictions for Kodi users, so you can access their services from anywhere in the world. Kodi is not an out of the box solution, and it requires some add-ons to customize it to your needs.

It may be a little more complicated to use than other apps, but once you are familiar with how it works, it will be the only movie streaming app that you ever need. Once you have uploaded it to the device of your choice, the menus will help to guide you. You can upload and store content to the software so that you can access it whenever you wish.

2. SnagFilms

If you love documentaries and indie movies, then SnagFilms is the app for you. The library contains over 2,000 titles on topics including history, sports, the environment, and human interest stories. This is a great place to find unusual, thought-provoking movies that you will seldom see elsewhere.

As well as documentaries, the app gives you access to a large collection of classic movies, as well as original comedy that is exclusive to the platform. This is an app that is sure to introduce you to rare, interesting and award-winning content.

3. Tubi TV

Another completely legal, ad-supported movie and TV streaming service, Tubi is a great all-round choice for movie lovers. Users can watch thousands of the biggest movies from the 1980s right up to the latest releases.

One of the best things about Tubi is that they update their content frequently, so you’ll never be stuck for something to watch. The app is easy to use, with many categories to browse to find the perfect content, whatever you feel like viewing. As well as mainstream HD movies, you can also watch more niche entertainment, including a selection of foreign language dramas and UK TV shows.

4. Popcornflix

This app gets an honorable mention, although we still don’t think that it stands up to what Tubi delivers. It runs on a similar concept, with in-app advertising to keep it free. The main reason that we prefer Tubi is that some of the movies on Popcornflix are blocked in certain jurisdictions, which may limit your choice to an extent. Even so, this is still a decent and completely free movie websites that is compatible with most mobile devices and tablets.

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