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The Best Food Intolerance Apps of 2021


If you are a picky eater because of certain allergies and limitations, then you must have experienced a lot of trouble when eating outside. Allergies, symptoms and other medical conditions often get triggered by incompatible foods and drinks. If you are already fed up with all the hassle and delays brought about by your condition, then getting a smartphone application to aid you in your search for the right restaurant will be a great companion.

Best Food Intolerance Apps

With the help of the smartphone application, you will be able to scroll through a number of different restaurants with their locations and probably even some details to their menu and their ingredients. With this feature, you will certainly be able to know if the food they serve will have ingredients that will trigger your allergy or medical condition.

And to further help you, we have listed below the best of food intolerance applications that will certainly be available whether you are an android or ios user.

#1 Food Maestro:-

Food Maestro App

This application has partnered itself with 2 hospitals and a bunch of national-level retailers and is still in the process of partnering with others. With the hospitals and retailers help, they have developed a database with over 100,000 ingredients that will allow you to sync it with your dietary preferences. Set-up can be as easy as filling out a form. This application works by scanning the item you want to consume with your smartphone and it will automatically process and inform you if it contains an ingredient that will be problematic for you.

#2 Biteappy:-

Biteappy App

This smartphone application will help you find a suitable restaurant for you wherever you are in the world. This application is perfect for regular travelers and tourists. By simply adding your preferred diet and other related information to the application, it will automatically filter incompatible restaurants and will give the top restaurants with their location and estimated travel time from your location.

#3 Live Gluten Free:-

For people who love to eat gluten-free foods, this smartphone application is the best recommended among its peers. Its database is very well-developed so that even raw ingredients are identified on the menu, resulting in a very high trust rating from its users. Its features include the basic directions and map guide that will take you to the gluten-free place.

#4 MySymptoms:-

If you are worried and confused about your medical condition, then Mysymptoms is the perfect application for you. With the help of this application’s features, you would be able to identify the triggering ingredients for your allergies. The application has a well-developed algorithm that analyzes the foods, drinks, and medications that enter your body. Along with your lifestyle, sleep patterns and stress levels, the application analyzes all these factors and gives you a detailed analysis on your current health and recommends what kind of foods or drinks you should avoid.

#5 First Aid by American Red Cross:-

This application is perfect for those who don’t know what kind of allergies they have or are unsure of their allergy and its causes. With this application, you can rest easy about sudden allergic reactions as it automatically notifies you and gives immediate remedies for the situation.

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