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There is one thing we all are used to relying on — statistics. You know, numbers don’t lie. The future of marketing for the nearest few years is video content. Near half of a billion people watch videos via social media every day. In means that each day the tool is developing and updating.

According to the analytics forecast, in few years the whole consumed online traffic will consist of video for 80%.  Promos, presentations, tutorials, intros, educational content, — all these and many other directions will be realized via videos.

In these terms, it probably comes time to think over the way your videos will deliver the marketing messages regarding your products or services.

All the sort of different videos serving the aim to promote a brand and /or to promote a precise product are called explainer videos.  It is about videos which mainly is short from 30 to 120 seconds, created by means of animation, motion design, or life-action, have voice cover and sound design, and perform some story or just messages according to some logical script. Depending on the theme there can be a comedy, drama, or neutral pitch.

Let’s have a kind of excursion through the best explainer videos broadcasted recently. That can yield some useful lessons helping you to understand what you want your video to look like.


This is an example of the magnificent synergy of a touching video and deliberately incorporated cynical humor. The style balances between having fun on the clichés of marketing and highlighting the importance of common human values over the world.

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The way it is done provoked sharing in multiple numbers what made the video viral.

Dollar Shave Club

This is an example showing the crucially of a script. The whole story is about such a boring common domestic thing as shaving, actually the razors for shaving. And the trick is that the video fills the service of pre-paid delivery of razors with the additional value presenting what is going on behind the stage of this service.

The style they show the service acts employed swearing of a bizarre pitchman, some epic fails of the staff, and sometimes absurdity of the process. And, by means of these elements, the video revealed that the services actually is the company with the same problems as all others, but which keeps on doing its important the mission for the clients’ benefits.


This company has already gained trust and legacy. However, even Microsoft stimulates the market with the influence of a concise video for B2B. It’s highly effective at educating the viewer on Microsoft’s enterprise cloud solution. The 2D animated video explainer is simple from the technique angle. Yet, it efficiently evokes a feeling of the growth perspective.

The visual track clearly delivers the main message – with this technology your business will grow faster and be more flexible. And it works. Especially with the enhancing of the narrator, whose pitch and tone persuade to buy.


This is a stylization pastiche of gameplay of the ones we used to play with an 8-bit game console in the 90s.

The topic of the explainer is soft that is supposed to help IT administrators control the situation around the office and conduct support without no fussing, just staying calm and enjoying the special soft.

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Due to the visual style, the video refers a viewer to the topic of IT, as game consoles were the artifacts of technological contribution in the everyday life. at the same time, it provokes a feeling of total relaxation like the one we had when in our boyhood we switched the game console on.


An excellent example of the explainer presenting in detail a product serving children’s development.

The video demonstrates the common things children are used to doing each day and shows the way the product helps them to have fun along with developing useful skills.

Frankly speaking the utility and innovative spirit of the product is so obvious that they didn’t have to do much to present it.

It means that when the features and benefits of a product are pronounced the only thing you need is simply to wrap it into a short easy to understand video. The simpler – the better.


PayPal launched an explainer named “people rule”. They employed country music as a voiceover alternative and combined live video with animation. It acts as a music video and the main character interacts with the viewers with the methods of a singer on a stage. Yet, the marketing sense of the song is pronounced and there is no attempt to obscure it. The thing is that the song and a singer are interesting to be listened to, so the background just plays a support role.

Tech Insider

Animated scientific exploration of the world ocean uses interesting font and unfolds according to the simple but pretty logical script.

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The magic of this video is determined by the very topic. The facts about the ocean impress and you feel you want to stop the video and Google some creates and submarines mentioned.

And again – the simplicity allows retaining ta viewers’ attention to the end. You do not feel overwhelmed with the facts or categories.

Here you can watch some additional cases ranked as the best explainer videos 2021.

Consider this when you are in the process of writing a draft of the script for your video explaine.

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