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Best Cable Products Companies in 2022


What rings in your mind any time you hear the word “cable”?  It is a little obvious that your brain goes to simplicity and safety as well as quality any time you hear the word “cable”.  But have you ever bothered comparing cables by their manufacturers? Maybe, it’s time to conduct your comparison and find out the difference between each of these firms and their products.

Here is the list of the best cable products companies in 2021 and what you must know about them.

Infinity Cable Products and Their Key Characteristics

Well, Infinity Cable Products tops our list of the best five cable products companies across the globe. Infinity Cable Products is the one-stop-shop to consult when you want to purchase network cables, patch cables, and other relevant cables. Did you know that you can take advantage of speaker wires, cable connectors, coax cables, fiber optic cables, outdoor Ethernet cables, and indoor ethernet cables from this firm as well? Infinity Cable boasts of its high-quality and customer-centric cable products.

From lay-offs to the COVID-19 challenges, in 2021, you need a cable manufacturer that will put your struggles into consideration. Infinity Cable Products seeks to fill such gaps by offering you its cable products feasibly. Founded in 1998, Infinity Cable Products offers quality network cables and products at fair prices.

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Amphenol DC Electronics Is A Compelling Provider

Amphenol DC Electronics is second on our list. Founded in 1979, the company has engaged in the design, manufacture, and marketing of fiber optics, electricity, electronics, and custom cables.

This is the place to visit for your custom wire harnesses, specialty cables, sensor-based products, coaxial cables, and high-speed specialty cables. Amphenol takes advantage of its manufacturing facilities in the Silicon Valley and Mexico to extend its market presence in North America, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.

JAE Electronics Has Interesting Features

JAE Electronics has been designing and distributing cables for the last seven decades. The Tokyo-based company is dedicated towards manufacturing high-quality cables targeting the LCD monitor connector, digital systems and electrical connector industries.

JAE Electronics’ cable products have been applied in high-end industrial settings like the smartphone devices, computers, semiconductor fabrications, medical appliances, and humanoid robot applications.

As such, it has the experience, expertise, and a variety of products to offer to various customers.

The Koch Industries Firm and What It Offers

Even though Koch Industries is involved in a wide range of business operations, its cable assemblies’ products have been dedicated via Molex, LLC, Koch’s subsidiary.

The company’s cable products have been considered highly effective in a wide range of industrial settings like consumer electronics, data communication, commercial automobiles, and medical appliances.

With its presence in over 60 countries, Koch comes as the perfect cables supplies company that’ll meet all your firm’s needs.

Fischer Connectors SA and Their Essentials

Fischer Connectors SA engages in the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality cables, connectors, and integrated solutions. Fischer could be a key supplier if you are looking for cabling solutions in the medical, instrumentation, military, industrial, and vacuum sectors.

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Similarly, Fischer offers cable assembly solutions for power and data transmissions, fiber optics applications, coax, hybrid applications, and fluid transmission. It’s position as a global company reveals its popularity both locally and in the international market.

Cabling innovations have evolved. It is only the cable manufacturers that are prolific enough to keep pace with these advancements that have stood the test of time. Infinity Cable Products remains the world’s number one cable manufacturer for its ability to offer high quality products that meet its clients’ demands.

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