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5 Benefits Of Using A Smart Toilet


Most homeowners never think of changing their bathroom. Such people may only look for a toilet that gets the job done instead of one that has style. When replacing the toilet, most homeowners often consider the flush power, water usage, and choose between round and elongated designs. If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom or considering buying a new one, smart toilets are worth a look. Not only are smart toilets cool and super techy, but they also make your work easier. These fancy devices bring essential amenities to your commode. Although smart toilets are expensive, they can save water and modernize your home. Here are five benefits of using a smart toilet.

#1 Futuristic Flushing

You do not need to press any button or pull any lever to flush a smart bathroom. Each toilet has a sensor that activates the flushing mechanism. The sensor will sense when the body moves away from the toilet, or you can wave a hand in front of the sensor to activate the flush. If you have family members who always forget to flush, the first option is ideal. No matter what alternative you choose, the benefit of having a flushing sensor is that germs will not get transferred from hands to the toilet, and then to the next person who flushes.

#2 Overflow Protection

You may have noticed how often our basic toilets overflow. Smart toilets use a unique technology that prevents this annoying occurrence. For example, the Delta Brevard with FlushIQ Technology stops you from flushing if the toilet is clogged. As a result, the toilet water in the bowl will remain low. All you will have to do is to unclog the bathroom to get it running again.

#3 Water Saving.

Smart toilets will save on water thus controlling your water bill. However, you will notice a difference in your water consumption. Smart toilets sense how much water is needed and flush using the right amount. Small flushes use as little as 0.6 gallons per flush (GPF). Basic toilets will use around 1.6 GPF. The downside here is that the toilet needs electricity to power that water-saving technology. As such, the cost and environmental benefit become questionable. However, if you have a battery powered toilet, you can experience both electrical and water saving.

#4 Instant Cleaning

Some smart toilets clean their bowls. These bowls comprise of an ultra-smooth ceramic that has zirconium, a non-stick coating that prevents mineral and waste buildup. Such toilets also have ultraviolet lights that kill odor-causing bacteria and automatic cleaning cycles, to keep things clean.

#5 Health Tracking

Smart toilets are beneficial to people with severe conditions. You can now connect a smart toilet to a smartphone app and your doctor’s office. The doctor is then able to analyze your urine or stool. Diabetic patients can know when their blood sugar is too high or low and examine when your health is at risk.

Despite these advantages, these toilets have other extra features that are both practical and cool. Make sure you get more information online to know the options available.

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