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The 3 Main Benefits of Using Online PDF Converters


Most people convert documents of one file form to another file format so regularly that they take this preparation for granted. Among the most prominent document formats transformed from one to the other, so often are Word documents and PDF files. Both document formats are needed in school, work, and even in intimate contexts for several purposes.

Several processes could apply Word documents to PDF files and even vice versa. These methods comprise the work of software or websites such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. While most individuals are not acquainted with websites that could go through this process, there are benefits to applying them to convert Word to PDF files. This article undertakes to define the major advantages of using a website to convert Word to PDF files. And we’ll also introduce you to GogoPDF, which is a great tool for all your digital document needs.

#1 Downloading Software, Signing-In, or Creating an Account Are Not Required

One of the most unnoticed benefits of operating an online Word to PDF converter to complete this process is that you wouldn’t have to log in to an account or even set up one to use their benefit. Several sites that provide Word-to-PDF conversion services have links where you could directly upload the file that you wish to be changed and then stand by for a few minutes before downloading the saving result. Some sites and software that are frequently used to convert Word to PDF files, particularly Google Docs, take you to sign in or create a Google account before you could run the software. As for Microsoft Word, while you are not directed to create or sign in to a Microsoft account before you could apply it to convert Word documents to PDF files, you would require to download Microsoft Word on your computer or mobile device first before you could manage it. With websites that convert Word to PDF, you do not require creating an account, sign in using any account, or even settle for a subscription fee before you could use their assistance.

#2 Convert Word to PDF on Any Device or Browser

Another convenience of using websites to convert Word documents to PDF files is that you can control them anytime and anywhere on any device. This varies from both Google Docs and Microsoft Word, where you would have to install an app or software on your devices before you could manage them. As suggested earlier, you would require to download the Microsoft Word software on a Windows computer or the Microsoft Word app on an Android device before you could use it to translate Word documents to PDF files.

#3 You Can Convert Files Safely and Securely

Most people have worries that running a website to convert Word documents to PDF files could be threatened from a cybersecurity point of view since the document uploaded on the file could be ruined by hackers and cybercriminals and be applied to fill in viruses or any type of malware into their computers or even mobile devices.

While these worries are reasonable since many cybercriminals lurk on specific networks like public Wi-Fis to get precise information and insert malware on downloaded files, websites that give Word-to-PDF conversion have received ample protection to ensure the safety of purchasers while using them for the convert.

How to Convert Word to PDF Step by Step

There are a bunch of applications that you can use to convert Word to PDF Documents, but let us suggest one of the best applications, which is GogoPDF. It’s an online application that grants you to do different PDF changes, such as Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, editing documents, and so much more! In just five easy steps, you can get your document altered. And these five steps won’t take you more than two minutes either!

  1. Go to
  2. Upload the files that you want to convert
  3. PDF converter will scan the word document
  4. Wait for the conversion to finish
  5. The converted PDF will be fixed for you to download instantly.

In just a few steps, you can perform the conversion with the help of their tools and with easy entry to the converter. One of the major advances of this is that it will immediately be erased from the system within an hour for the security of the users.

Bonus: GogoPDF is safe and reliable!

What really sets GogoPDF apart from other free online converters and tools is that it ensures safety for its users. All files uploaded to the GogoPDF website are automatically deleted after an hour. So, you won’t need to worry about your files falling into the wrong hands. For a free online tool, safety is often compensated. But with GogoPDF, it’s not a problem!

So, you can see, it doesn’t take any time before using, during using, and even after using. Just access their website directly on your browser, and everything else is done easily. With its easily navigable menu, you can quickly find all the tools you’ll need for your digital documents. Everything is laid out neatly for easy access. You’ll get the hang of their website in no time!


Using a website to convert Word documents to PDF files or vice versa may not be something that many people are aware of, but websites provide a lot of important benefits to this process. Despite these influences, however, there are so many websites that provide Word-to-PDF conversion services on the web. Each website is different in its setup and has its advances aside from the ones listed above. But if you are seeking an online Word-to-PDF converter that you could rely on and help you make your work easy, thus you can run GogoPDF for your file conversion needs!

With GogoPDF, you can apply Word documents to PDF files immediately, surely, and with the finest level of security. So, try it out for yourself and you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using their services long ago! We hope this article helps you out. Make the most out of your PDF files with the help of GogoPDF.

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