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A Beginner’s Guide to Content Ideation & Development


People are mostly full of Ideas when they want to start to do something. But, As it happens a lot, many can’t keep up with ideation. In other words, real successful ideation is a consistent one. So, having a content ideation plan is crucial in the world of marketing.

There is a lot to discuss, but we try to mention some basic tips. So, may a beginner content specialist benefit from this article the most. However, it doesn’t mean that these tips won’t be useful for average writers or above. All in all, after reading the tips below, you’ll definitely know what to do to make your content.

Match Your Content Ideation with Your Platform

It may be self-evident, but it’s important to mention that you should consider the platform you want to create content for. Content ideation depends on the platform you use in both structure and content.

Structural Aspect

You may want to create content for a website or any social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. On each of these platforms, many qualities and restrictions would prevent you from making any kind of content.

For example, Instagram has dealt with images and videos, and you can’t write captions, comments, and even DMs using words as many as you like. As a result, you can’t create complicated content with many details on Instagram. And if you could, many people will overlook it, because people often want to visit many pages on Instagram without focusing too much on a single content.

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If you don’t consider these details, your ideas to create content may end up being in vain.

Content-related Aspect

The structural aspect of any platform can interfere with the content of it. As mentioned in the previous section, the type of content and the interest of the users are related to the structure of the platform. Again on Instagram, collecting and archiving content is different from the other platforms. Even exploring is different too.

After deciding which platforms you want to use, you need to go through actual ideation.

Good Questions Cause Good Content

As you may know, many great ideas would come up with good questions. So, the real and the most generic guide to your content ideation is to make an ongoing and continuous process of creating questions. So, you’re going to get familiar with 4 categories of these pumping-question processes.

Fill in the Blanks (Gaps)

One of the best intros for creating good content is to review your own and previous content. During your review, always look for gaps, errors, and any updated features that are missing from your content.

For example, if you work for a company with a special product, you need to ask yourself if your previous content about introducing your product had been sufficient or not. Or, if they updated the product, you would have a chance to focus on your new content emphasizing the newest feature.

Be a Pain Points Solver

What’s a pain point? A pain point is simply a problem that some specific people experience when they’re using a product or service. If your product or service solves a pain point, that’s where you need to get ready to create good content for it.

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If you address your new customers’ pain points and how your service can solve their problems, your content will be useful and attractive.

Competitor Listening

You always have competitors, and if you don’t have them now, you’ll find them soon enough. Is it good or bad? It’s absolutely good for content ideation and development. And it’s good of course, because thanks to technology, you can always find your competitor’s new content and ideas easily.

So, track your competitors everywhere such as their websites and social accounts. Anywhere they create their content, you’ll need to be there. It’s a guaranteed plan you won’t lack an idea for your content.

Looking for Trending Content

Don’t think that news around the world doesn’t affect your marketing ideas. For example, Covid 19 is one of the top trending subjects that many companies didn’t let it escape from their marketing content.

Actually, any local and universal event on and off the calendar can be a good topic to create content about. You may call it the trending content, and no matter what you call, you need to look for it always.


Your ideation won’t drop if you create plans for these four categories. Don’t underestimate these methods and don’t use them very simply. You can create online or offline documents for these ways and set your goals through them. You can track each of these tips with your crew or your colleagues.

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