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Why To Video Blog? A Beginner’s Guide to Video Blogging


The new trend of video blogging is slowly catching up with bloggers. Whichever top notch blog that strikes your mind, now boasts of having a video channel of its own. The impact of video blogging is even more pronounced with the advent of social media and video marketing. So, what is this video blogging craze all about? Does it have a future? Is video blogging for me? And, why to video blog, when I am doing fine with conventional blogging?

Recently I asked a blogger friend of mine, why doesn’t he give a hand at video blogging. And I was amazed by his reply. “I am not good looking to be a successful video blogger. Anyways, give me a reason why to video blog.” Frankly, I didn’t have a reply to his first question or may be I thought it insignificant to answer. But as far as the second one was concerned, I knew it was coming and had enough reasons to justify, why to video blog.

Inspiration for Video Blogging

Before I make my stance on why to video blog, let me just site some viral video examples which might compel you to think of video blogging, from a more positive perspective.

  • Justin Bieber – All Justin Bieber fans will agree with me, about how we discovered this young sensational talent.
  • Vishwa Bandhu – We had our very own viral video months back, in which a politician made a laughing stock of himself when he stated that “Rain affects cloud computing.”
  • Talia Castellano – Viral videos need not be comical always as Talia made us aware of, when the little cancer victim talked about personal grooming.
  • Gangnam Style – And, who can forget the latest addictive Gangnam Style video. To be honest, I had no idea about the existence of either Gangnam or Psy. before.
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Why to Video Blog?

So, let’s now come to the main point of discussion, why to video blog. I have listed some important reasons to start a video blog, but with greater appreciation towards this form of blogging, more and more valid points for why to video blog are emerging, day by day.

1. Easy to create a video

Free video accounts have facilitated the gradual evolvement of video blogging. YouTube and Vimeo have made it easier to start a video blog. Initially, where money is the constraint, video blogging can be considered as an alternative to conventional blogging. You do not have to bother about buying domains and hosting space, to kick-start your video blog or more commonly vlog. You don’t even need to pay to create great video content. There are enough free tools like Maekersuite that help you plan, create and publish your content with helpful teleprompter apps & editing tools.

2. Even brands need a face

Yes, video blogging gives you the liberty to brand yourself alongwith branding your blog/ website. An identity breeds trust among readers and subscribers. They easily co-relate with them in their respective niche. That’s the reason why you find guys like Darren Rowse and Harsh Agrawal maintain the same identity across their network and rarely change their profile pictures. So, imagine how good and easy it would be, to market a brand through video blogging. If you blog anonymously, then you can opt for a universal logo instead.

3. A picture is worth a million words

I believe, video blogging is a better means of blogging for creative bloggers. It empowers a blogger with a number of features to portray creativity. Plus, you can easily convince people about what you mean to say because of its interactive nature. So, unleash your creative side with video blogging from today.

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4. Wider reach

Seeing the success of Facebook, it can be presumed that for a blog’s success multimedia also plays a major role. People prefer sharing such content on social network sites. And with over 1 billion Facebook users alone and many more in other social networks, you certainly cannot afford to lose such potent viewers.

5. Diverse content

Ok, fine, you are still not convinced on why to video blog. But, give it a try from SEO point of view. Wondering how is that possible? Well, let me suggest. Just like you stress on the <alt> tag for image search optimization, the same way Google prefers varied content. If your blog doesn’t rank higher in search engines then, you can think of driving a considerable amount of traffic via your videos. Additionally you can use a Teleprompter app to get video subtitles. This way your video will look more professional and interactive.

6. Show me the money

Ah, this might interest you. Video blogging is not about, all pain and no gain. Apart from being viral videos, what is the other common thing you noticed in the above video links? Ofcouse, you had to wait for atleast two seconds, for the ad to complete. Is n’t it? Now, one can monetize a video blog too. Free account and revenue generation together gels well with video blogging. Read an awesome post on YouTube Video Marketing and blog promotion.

Bottomline – Why to Video Blog?

And yes, my dear friend, you complained about your looks, but let me assure you that, for being a successful video blogger you need not be a celebrity. Infact, quality and viral video blogging techniques will create a celebrity out of you, just like Justin Bieber-The kid, did. So, guys, is it enough reasons to convince you why to video blog? If no, then shoot some other reasons for video blogging in the comment section, and if yes, then pretty soon we will be seeing some quality videos from you people.

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