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Art Of Writing Persuasive Blog Entries For Greater ROI


Blog writing has been the best alternative for conventional diary writing. With easy Internet access and less technical knowledge, now almost everyone has a blog or two. But in the last decade, blogging has evolved a lot. From being a mere medium of self-expression, blogs have become a more powerful tool for online marketing. That’s where writing persuasive blog entries come to the picture.

Writing good blog content can help draw more readers to the blog/website. But what if, the main purpose for maintaining a blog is online marketing. By just making the blog post noticed, will it ensure greater ROI? What if a blogger wants more potent clients to be drawn to the blog than casual online readers? Writing persuasive blog entries plays a vital role in achieving the goal.

Before I let you know the secrets of writing persuasive blog entries, let’s highlight the need for persuasive writing. Is it worth the effort? If it indeed is, then how different is it from writing good blog content.

Importance of writing persuasive blog entries

  • Improved ROI (Return on Investment)
  • More focused audience than generalized audience
  • Fruitful investment of resources on potent clients
  • Persuade people to act than just read

Art of Writing Persuasive Blog Posts

Writing persuasive blog entries is an art. With practice, anyone can learn the secrets of persuasive writing. Follow the steps to write persuasive articles and charm your readers.

1. Read blog posts of successful marketers

This is the best advice anyone can give. Like I said persuasive writing is an art. You can best learn this art by reading more and more of persuasive blog posts. My personal favorite is Niel Patel of QuickSprout. There must be many such marketers in your niche too. Make a list of them, read their blogs and analyze how they lure their readers into action.

2. Convince readers about your product

It sounds odd when the very beginning you go on saying, “Hey, buy my product, buy my product”. You need to skillfully convince readers about why they need to have the product. Or a better way is to make your readers realize what they are lacking. And how they can be benefited from the product.

3. Don’t keep readers guessing for too long

After a nice juicy introduction, be straight forward. Do not beat around the bush. A long introduction will make the blog post blunt and readers will easily be distracted from the product. So focus more on the product/ service to be offered.

4. Empower blog post with evidence

Readers are always looking for quality content rich with facts and figures. Prove your stance by providing evidence to the blog post. Do some research and add value to the content each time. Always provide 100% original information. You can even link back to the source to foster trust among your potent clients.

5. Aid your blog post

Writing persuasive blog entries is alone incapable of improving ROI. You have to explicitly aid it with prominent request a quote or a call to action button. If your blog handles online transaction then let your readers know it’s completely safe and secured. Strategic positioning of RSS, newsletter and testimonials (if, any) can also boost ROI.

6. Be a client yourself

Successful persuasive blog posts are the ones that are user friendly. So re-draft, edit and improve your blog post again. Check for unnecessary words, grammatical errors etc. Ensure whether the subscription and call to action buttons are functional or not. Publish it only when you are completely satisfied.

Persuasive writing takes time to cultivate. Follow these steps for writing persuasive blog entries and take your online business to the next level. Let us know what your strategy for writing persuasive articles is.

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