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5 Apps to Help Students Improve Their Writing Skills


As easy as it sounds, writing can be a tough game to master. Even if you know the content, grammar, the way to portray it, penning it down might be difficult. Therefore, you need experts, parents or other peers to help you improve the writing skill. With the uproar of the internet and smartphone, several applications have been developed to help you enhance your skills. These apps will work only when used on a regular basis.

The apps have tried to make writing fun and interactive. To be able to pen down their creativity is the main aim. You might not become an expert within a day or a week but you definitely will see improvements as you continue using the apps. In this article, we are going to list 5 popular writing apps:

#1 Grammarly

It is a writing and editing platform where you can either write your essay or paper from the beginning or edit it according to the changes suggested by Grammarly. One of the best points is that it supports various versions of English like American, British, or Australian.

It highlights grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, typos, double spaces, repeated words and suggests a better word in some places. If you take the premium version of this app, it will also tell you the plagiarism level, suitable writing style, and how concise your writing is. It is a one-stop destination for all writers to enhance every moment.

It is available for Apple, Android, and Microsoft. You may also download the keyboard or chrome extension.

#2 Google docs

Google has come up with a great writing platform that works well when you have a group project where more than one person needs to work on it. Its connectivity is the best feature where you can provide access to various google accounts and they can make changes or write as they want. It is highly optimized for all devices and does not need any payment whatsoever. It also highlights the mistakes in your writing. You also have an option to work offline on a particular document if you wish to do it. It is the best example of writing on the go with your fellow colleagues. Saving time and money, Google docs can organize your work and provide a simple presentation of your work, the date, the time of edits, and the previous version.

#3 Writing Challenge

This app makes writing fun for people who are finding it difficult to deal with writing. It provides prompts based on which you will start writing. Based on your writing, the app continues to provide more ideas to create the plot, characters, and background. Apart from helping with writer’s block, it also improves the sentence structure and words suitable to use in the story. It is one of the best apps to pen down your creativity and keep the flow going.

Prompt story-writing has always been one of the best ways to keep a writer going. Writing Challenge app provides the push and creative ideas to break through the wall of emptiness that a writer feels sometimes.

#4 iA Writer

It is another amazing writing platform available for Android, Windows and Apple devices. It helps you to convert your ideas into notes. You may write poems, blog posts, essays, or anything that comes to your mind.

If you do not have time or interest in writing, you may try to buy essays online in Australia or use this app to slowly convert your ideas into your dream essay. It is free of distractions and helps you to keep track of your writing.

With a simple design, it provides power to a lot of writers. It has a focused, easy, and steady design. Writers need to work in a distraction-free environment to come with great stories.

#5 Writing Skills

Developed by MSPL Developers, this app is an amazing platform for beginners or struggling students. It provides simple tips that can get you interested in writing. Anyone who is finding it difficult to put their ideas into words can read through this app. You can find solutions to all your writing problems or even discover the problem that you have.

This app provides certain exercises that can help you overcome your problems. Become an expert within no time if you regularly visit the app. This app came out in 2016 and has been showing on the top because of its usability and helpful content. Sometimes you need to read to be able to write.

Read and understand your problem and thereafter you will be able to enhance your writing skills. This app claims that everybody and anybody can write once they know the simplicity of writing. Also, One can easily keep an eye on the word count of the article to make sure it doesn’t get too long. You shouldn’t bore your readers and say your thoughts in limited words. The word count tool is used to check the number of characters the word has.

Writing Skills

Final Thoughts

To conclude the article, the above-mentioned apps might improve your writing skills if you are persistent. They can only help you if you want to help yourself. There are several other similar apps that help you create a story, improve your grammar, jot down points of your creativity, plan and organize your essay and stay connected with other writers.

You may even join external groups, or on social media to get ideas. One of the worst nightmares is writer’s block where these groups and apps can help you break the wall. Go ahead and write your heart out.

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