The Apps That We Are Using The Most During The Pandemic

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By Issac Glantz 4 Min Read
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Apps. Nowadays Applications are used by the whole world. There are indeed more people who use apps, than people who use a hairbrush. In fact, they had measured the number of apps downloaded between 2016 and 2019, and they found that around 205 billion apps were downloaded. That’s a massive number! That’s roughly 30 apps for every person on earth!

Nowadays in 2020, amidst the covid19 pandemic, people are staying home a lot more, whether it’s cause they’re in lockdown, or they’re just following social distancing advice, we are spending a lot more time at home than we had in mind when we made our new year’s resolutions, that’s for sure.. Since we’re at home a lot more, we surely will be seeing a lot more of our trusty smartphones/ devices, so surely, apps are being used a lot more. And some are being used more than ever before.

3. Online Casino Apps

The worst part about being stuck at home is having to deal with boredom, and the longer you stay at home, the more bored you will become. However, there’s a way to battle boredom, and that’s entertainment. There’s plenty of entertainment apps out there, however online casino apps stuck out. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play thrilling casino games and wager a little money and try to win big? There’s plenty of online casinos one can visit to try out the experience, like for example, and more.

2. Netflix

Netflix is an app that is used by hundreds of millions worldwide. It has become so popular almost everyone uses it or knows someone who does. It’s such a famous app that it’s used on all devices, and nowadays, it’s even coming as a standard feature with smart TV’s! Netflix is one of the most commonly used websites/apps during this pandemic, and it’s not difficult to find many reasons why. Like for example, there’s awesome content to watch there for all ages. And countless top rated movies and TV shows of all kinds of genres can be easily found and either downloaded to be watched on the go or streamed immediately. We thought downloading movies off the pirate bay was a big step for home entertainment from buying good movies from the local DVD shop, now thanks to Netflix it has become easier than ever.

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1. Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Pinterest, you name it. We all have a plethora of social media accounts, and we spend hours daily scrolling on news feeds, checking out either what our peers are up to, or what the current trend is, making sure you’re well updated with all the crazy shit people come up with these days which they post online and ends up going viral. Social Media can turn you into a zombie, but it can also make you famous. We’re always chatting with our mates or finding new friends to chat with online, it helps us keep ourselves sane, considering we can’t get so much company during the pandemic. It keeps us feeling connected, even though we’re at a distance. So maybe after all it isn’t so bad.

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