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Five Cool Apps That Can Get You What You Want, When You Want It


The gig economy is making it easier than ever for people to make good money in their spare time. Because it’s so popular, some of those people are quitting their day jobs and making their side gig their full-time job.

Not only is the gig economy great for people looking to make a little extra cash, it’s great for the rest of us too. It means we can get what we want almost instantaneously.

Here are five cool apps that are making that possible.



Postmates is a fairly simple idea, but it’s a powerful one. It shouldn’t just be pizza and sandwiches that can be delivered to your door. You should be able to get anything you want!

Of course, Amazon makes this possible, but what if you need it right now? Postmates specializes is making deliveries in less than an hour.

Exactly what can you have delivered to your door? A few things that can be delivered include:

  • Groceries
  • Essentials from the drugstore
  • Clothing
  • And more


Pizza and sandwiches are delicious, but why are they the only food items that can be delivered? With Caviar, your options are endless.

By using the Caviar app, you can hire a courier to deliver food to your home or business from any restaurant. Just place your order and a representative from Caviar will do the rest.


No gig economy list is complete without Uber! Some people are able to make serious cash driving for the rideshare program because there is no shortage of people who need a lift.

No matter where you are, you simply log into the app and let Uber know you need a ride and they’ll send someone to pick you up. Drivers are vetted and background checked so you don’t have to worry about the person behind the wheel.


Airbnb is a popular app as well. It allows anyone to rent out their home or apartment to travelers. Rates are often less than hotel rooms, and many travelers like it because you’re paying an actual person for their hospitality.

Another benefit of Airbnb? Many hosts take their job seriously, which means getting insider knowledge about the area you’re staying in. It’s a lot like staying in a bed and breakfast, without the expensive price tag.


Hiring a professional mover sounds like a good idea, but it often ends up being more of a hassle than it’s worth. Especially since professional movers can cost a lot of money. Sometimes, it’s easier just to have friends and family help, but what if you don’t have anyone who’s willing and able?

Enter Bellhops!

This app allows you to hire a few extra hands for your move, without the hassle of dealing with a professional mover.

There’s no need to wait days or even weeks for a product or service anymore. With these apps, you can get everything from food to deodorant to moving assistance in a matter of minutes!

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