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Apple Watch Accessories to Pair With Your Smartwatch


Have you newly bought the Apple watch series 6 or the discounted series 3 or 4? Whatever model you have purchased, as an Apple watch owner now, the next thing in your mind will be to buy the plethora of accessories to add a dash of personal touch to your exquisite watch.

It does not matter if you are buying it in person or online sites like, accessories like wireless earbuds, charging docks, Apple watch bands, and others add more value to your watch.

Apple Watch brings all the convenience of your iPhone right to your wrist. With such in-built versatility, the Apple Watch Series has hit a record high of 11.8 million units sold in 2020. Apple Watch continues to be its flagship product as a standalone and becomes even better when paired with the litany of accessories.

Make your timepiece better by adding it with other accessories to charge, store, and protect it. Here is a list of some of the must-have Apple watch accessories which can enhance your usability and experience:

Apple Watch Straps & Bands

Apple watch comes with easy-to-swap bands, which makes it a highly customizable product. The bands come in a wide range of materials, designs, and models that can reliably compliment your looks and function.

You can either get the bands from the revered Apple store paying $30 up to $150, or from third-party sellers like, for a much lower cost. You can choose from different models like a Milanese loop, leather bands, sport bands, and sport loop bands.

Analyze your choice of wardrobe, style, and usage before you choose a band for your Apple watch.

Apple Watch Chargers

Traveling with an Apple watch can sometimes be fussy as you have to charge the watch daily. So you can get a power bank that has a magnetic charging module for the watch. It will be easy to carry around, and you can charge it at night and take it away while you travel.

So buy a high battery capacity power bank either from reliable online retailers.

Screen Protectors

Compared to iPhones, Apple watches feel more durable. Though the Retina screen is made using Ion-X strengthened glass, it is still not completely shatterproof. So for the safer side, you can pair up your Apple watch with a screen protector.

You can get budget-friendly screen protectors from online sellers that are touch-sensitive and does not hinder the display. Get the ones that are not too thick so that it will retain the response sensitivity.

Apple Watch Stands

When you come home, you cannot just remove your watch and stash it on your table or bed. You are more likely to sit on it or push it down accidentally. Instead, get an elegant Apple watch stand to place and charge your iPhone as well as the watch.

The Apple watch stands come in different materials like plastic, aluminum, and bamboo wood. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option, you can choose the bamboo charging stand from online stores such as, made entirely with bamboo wood.

One-stop Charging Dock

If you own an Apple watch, presumably, you are likely to hold an iPhone and Airpods too. So, in this case, you can buy a dock where you can charge all three devices simultaneously. Many docks look sleek and have a sturdy build.

Buy docks that are made of scratch-resistant materials like silicone. The devices are rightly displayed with the screens visible so that you can check out your notifications whenever necessary.

Apple Watch Case Cover

Case covers are a little different from the screen protectors. The case cover sits around the watch and protects it against scratches and bumps. You can get in polycarbonate material or a durable TPU material, which is a little rugged but does not add any weight.

Apple Watch Adapters

If you already own watch bands or straps that you had bought for other timepieces, it can be disheartening when it is not compatible with Apple watches. But now, with the help of adapters, you can use those straps and rock your look with the Apple watch.

You can also get a replacement adapter, which comes in straightforward installation methods and the required tools to work with.

Band Storage Cases

Just like all the other Apple Watch owners, if you own more than two or three watches or straps, then this is a must-have storage case for them. You can get cases made of PU leather with carbon fiber designs, which are very durable.

Some cases have storage space to accommodate up to ten bands and straps.

Make the most of your prized possession by opting for the best accessories to personalize your watch. Depending on your fashion taste and usage, choose the accessories that will be of good use for you. So without waiting, go and check out the coolest accessories available at reputed online shops like to make your Apple watch look trendier and pack it up perfectly.

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