All the Details You Should Know About Recruitment Marketing

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all details you should know about recruitment marketing

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Talent management has started to become digital. Gone are the days when you just need to rely on luck to find the best employees. Right now, you can advertise to get the right applicants the same way that you can advertise to get the best customers to advocate your brand.

Marketing works effectively if done correctly. For example, think about the last time that you purchased something expensive. Did you buy it in a heartbeat? If not, what are the things that you thought about before making a purchase? Most people would check the brand first, the features, and if it would be worth the money that they are going to spend.

This is the same as how you would be looking for employees. You cannot just choose the first applicant who would like to get the job position that you are offering. You want to know as many details as possible first. This can be done properly with the use of an effective recruitment management system.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing involves using the strategies that are used to market brands and products into finding the right employees. The employer, the company, should make an effort to improve to engage the right talent. It does not stop with having the ability to attract the right applicants. The company should be able to keep these employees so that the employees and the company can thrive.

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How to Get Started with Recruitment Marketing

There are different steps that you can do so that you can get started with recruitment marketing.

Step 1: Think about the ways that you can attract people to work for your company.

You want to show why working for your company is going to be an advantage for the employees. It can be because of the work schedule that you are offering. It may also be because of the incentives that you provide to your employees. No matter what you are doing, you have to make sure that you can show the benefits of working for your company. It will make a lot of difference that way.

Step 2: Make sure that you will assess the applicants properly.

How are you going to do that? You simply need to have the right applicant management system. All of their CVs can be placed there. The system will be in charge of providing you with the details so that you can determine who will be the best fit for the available job positions.

Through proper evaluation, you will be able to come up with a short list of employees who can work well in the company. You can also create a talent pool wherein you can place those who might be a good fit for the company in the future. The database will make it easier for you to contact them when needed.

Step 3: Engage with your applicants and your employees

It is not enough that you have the right system to determine who can work well for you. You need to make applicants feel that their time is worth it. This means that from the application process up until the time when they are accepted at your company, they should feel that they are properly cared for.

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The more that employees will feel that they are welcome and their needs are always noted, the more that they would recommend working for your company. This will be a good way to improve your employer branding even further.

The Differences Between Recruitment and Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment and recruitment marketing can still be confusing for a lot of people. When you say recruitment, you are more focused on filling just one job position at a time. Doing recruitment marketing means that the HR department needs to be proactive. The process of promoting the company and the available job positions. This way, when employees think about a company that they would like to work for, your company will be one of their top choices.

Recruitment would also involve having to contact candidates individually. This would usually take time because applicants need to come in one-by-one according to the schedule. In recruitment marketing, some personas are being targeted instead of targeting a specific group of people.

Recruitment is sometimes considered to be a separate department from the rest of the company. It will be focused solely on recruiting people to work for the company. For recruitment marketing, there may be a team coming from different departments who will be working together to come up with the best strategies to entice people.

Differences Between Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding

Some people can become confused with this. They assume that recruitment marketing and employer branding are the same. These are some of the differences that you should know:

Recruitment Marketing Employer Branding
You need to be familiar with what your brand is about so that you can start actively promoting your brand to people who may be interested to work for the company. You need to identify what your brand stands for and who you are.
The focus is external because you are trying to make people see your company in a better light. The focus is going to be internal because you want to make sure that the workplace is always amazing for your employees.
You can control how people are going to see your company. The more that you can actively promote your company in a positive light, the better. You cannot control how people will talk about your company. Your employees will be able to build networks based on their understanding of your branding.
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How Do You Become a Recruitment Marketer?

To become a recruitment marketer, you need to have the right skills to market the brand and recruit the right people. You need to be familiar with lead generation and you need to be always available to communicate with people.

You also need to be familiar with some tech stuff because you will be overseeing the creation of the website, managing the reputation of the brand on social media, and so much more. The more that you understand the responsibilities of a recruitment marketer, the higher the chances that you can become one.

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