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Advice To Help You Build A Career In The AWS Field


As one of the world’s most comprehensive and well-known cloud platforms, millions of companies and organizations use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to operate and further develop their infrastructure and applications.

AWS offers more services and functions than any other cloud provider and makes it faster, easier, and more cost-effective to move existing applications to the cloud – and thus develop everything imaginable.

As an increasing number of businesses transition to cloud infrastructure, the demand for cloud computing skills is expected to grow significantly in the next couple of years.

If you’re new to this field, getting started might feel daunting as many think that it’s a complex technology to learn. In this article, we’ll offer advice on how you can build a career in the AWS field and make your journey easier.

Make a Specific Plan

If your goal is to become a cloud computing expert, you should first identify a specific milestone for your first step. Earning AWS certifications should be one of those priorities. The exams for an AWS certification are created by AWS experts and by preparing one of these exams, you’ll build the skills required in the field and meet the bar set by these experts and obtain an industry-recognized credential. Thereafter, add your AWS certification digital badge to your resume and your LinkedIn profile and allow people to see what you bring to the computing industry.

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AWS-certified cloud professionals are exposed to a variety of career opportunities that match the current demand on the market. Obtaining these certifications will guarantee that you’ll have a bright future ahead of you.

Learn one Service at a Time

Once you go through all of the basics related to AWS and cloud computing, pick the most popular services and learn more details about them. Some of the oldest and most popular AWS services are AWS EC2 computing and AWS S3 storage so these are the perfect ones to start with as they will give you an excellent introduction to the platform.

There are many YouTube videos and online courses on e-learning platforms that cover the basics of these services and subscribing or paying for a tutorial or course will help on your way to building a career in this field. Before choosing one, check and read reviews by previous viewers or buyers. Once you master these AWS services, you’ll have an easier time figuring out how the others work.

Get Hands-On Experience

The very best way to learn AWS and build a successful career is to get hands-on experience through self-paced labs which offer temporary access to a live AWS environment with instruction to help you learn.

There are also easy-to-follow tutorials for multiple use-cases that you can sign up for and learn, for example, how to host a static website. Such tutorials can offer you a well-balanced blend of learning theory as well as hands-on exposure to AWS services.

Start Looking for Clients

To put your skills to the test, you should start handling actual projects by clients. One of the most difficult parts of offering digital skills on the internet is finding clients without any recommendations. The simplest and easiest way to get started is to register a profile on freelance websites like UpWork, Fiverr, or People Per Hour as there are loads of people who need cloud-related services on such platforms.

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However, you must first demonstrate that you have the proper knowledge and skills to undertake and complete the projects of clients. Show them your previous work or start by underpricing your services as this might attract their attention.

Once you have your first satisfied clients, they’ll be able to write good reviews and recommend your services to other people.

Attend AWS-Related Events

To further expand your AWS knowledge, try surrounding yourself with people that have been in this field longer than you and who have obtained extensive knowledge.

When you attend AWS-related events and physical conferences, you’ll be given the possibility to meet experts and professionals and learn the latest things. There are many online events you can live stream and learn from if you’re unable to attend them in person.

Final Words

At first, it might feel intimidating and scary to acquire a new skill, especially in technology. If you see yourself in this field and want to kick off your AWS journey, you must start with the basics, put in hard work, but above all, be patient.

All of these tips may not be conclusive but if you follow them thoroughly, you’ll be guaranteed to become an expert in the AWS cloud in just a few years.

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