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3 Pieces Of Advice For Students Right Out Of University On How To Get A Job


If you have just graduated college and you are looking for a job, welcome to the world – millions of college students and postgraduates are currently looking for part-time or full-time jobs as they can make ends meet. After all, why did you go to four years of college, put yourself through classes, and go into thousands of dollars of debt if you didn’t get a job?

However, finding a job in the current market is harder than you might think. Especially in the current pandemic, with people now going back to work and clamoring for the few jobs that are left on the market, the competition is stiffer than ever. However, those just out of college have an advantage over older workers – their youth.

Employers are constantly looking for the newest and best thing – and then the same goes for employees. Employers want to find young people who can grow within a company. To help yourself stand out among the other thousands of post-graduates, you need to follow these three pieces of advice!

3 pieces of advice for university students who need to find a job – ASAP!

If you are fresh out of university or a college institution, you need to find a job – and we understand how desperate you can be. You want to move out of your parent’s house, make a name for yourself, and get some money to pay for vacations during the year. We can help you find a job that you are well qualified for by using a website like Pathrise to find the best occupations in your local area.

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Here are three pieces of advice for newly graduated students to find a job in no time.

Find an internship

One of the set ways to get your foot in the door at a high-up company is to find an internship opportunity. If you want to work at a company that you know for sure is well-suited for you, seek an internship there first to get to know the company, the employees, and the pay rate. Internships will help you gain valuable and personalized experience in your specific industry to help you become prequalified in the future.

Grow your skills

The second way in which you can get a job out of college is to grow your skills and your knowledge base. Employers want to hire people who are well-rounded and have numerous skills, such as communication skills, computer skills, and much more. Use Pathrise to find jobs that are looking for people with your qualifications!

Keep your skills updated

The final way to help yourself find a job by using online job sites, such as Pathrise, is to keep your skills current and updated. You need to make sure that your resume is spot-on, you have listed all of your current and past jobs, and you include your qualifications in the resume. Keep practicing your skills, even when you are not currently employed.


Using websites, such as Pathrise, can help young professionals find a job right out of university. By finding the job you are best suited for, you can easily find an internship, grow your skills, and hone your skills at a higher level.

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