Top 10 Advantages Of Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

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advantages of making website mobile friendly

A mobile-friendly website is one that is efficiently displayed on your Smartphones and handheld devices. Such websites provide a streamlined experience using responsive web designs to mobile users and will respond diligently to ANY display or device.

It is more of a shrunken yet an optimized version of a desktop-friendly website that suits the smaller screen. A dedicated mobile website is one that is developed with a modern framework and a responsive design that can easily detect the device on which it is being used. A mobile-friendly website will automatically adapt itself to suit the screen size.

Why Do You Need Mobile-Friendly Websites?

More than half of the online digital traffic now emerges from mobile devices and through apps. A website that neglects the necessity of being mobile-friendly may adversely impact its popularity and overall success in search engines.`

Most People Use Mobiles and Smartphones Than Desktops

The new way of operating business, industry, and services is through their mobile devices. People need to be informed instantly, compare brands faster, and read product reviews. Thus mobile optimization lures more significant buyers.

Mobile-Friendly Websites Are Faster With Reduced Load Time

Many people leave websites because of poor accessibility and lack of speed. Mobile optimized websites are much faster and provide ease and convenience to use them.

You Can Attract More Visitors

Since almost half of the visitors are now from mobile phones, it has become necessary to optimize your website as a mobile-friendly site.

Social Media Sharing Is Massive on Mobile

With a much lower maintenance cost of a mobile-friendly website, the SHARE option becomes prevalent and is consistently used by mobile users to update their social media accounts and thus market your website.

Future-Oriented With Better Back-Linking

A unique URL is assigned to each website, which makes a more substantial linking setup. All the backlinks will target the same domain, and it will further help your website be well-prepared for the future.

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Features of a Mobile-Optimized Website Are:

Let us look at a few traits that should be imbibed in a mobile-friendly website

  • These are quick to load with less text.
  • These come with fewer pop-ups and simplified drop-down menus
  • They should have fewer moving parts and fewer text boxes to fill out.
  • Comprise easy to locate information and have extensive store hours with prominent calls-to-action
  • The contact information should be powerfully featured.

The Top 10 Advantages of Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

There are vast benefits of converting your website into a mobile-friendly site for users who prefer using their mobile phones, tablets, and other handheld devices, to access websites for information or purchases.

Let us look at the advantages of going mobile-friendly:

Provides an Optimal User Experience Among Mobile Users Who Are Also the Biggest Buyers

Mobile phones and handheld devices are more accessible to people who have them by their side 24 by 7. So, it is of paramount importance for any good website to make its online presence functional and enticing.

With mobiles accounting for almost half of the e-commerce traffic, it has become critical for industries and services to optimize their websites and make them mobile-friendly.

Multi-Tasking Can Be Done Using Mobiles

A mobile-user can easily switch from one screen to another and perform various activities like make a purchase, check the weather, read a tweet, update a picture on Facebook, etc. To have them hooked on to your website, it should have optimal features to provide them the apt information they need.

Another faultless advantage is applying technology on mobiles like the ios ui for android phones, which can attribute them a complete look of an iPhone. Also, an uninterrupted service, which allows the user to start from where he left (in case he wanted to check a quick message), will be advantageous.

A Higher Ranking With SEO Benefits and Quick Accessibility

Google considers mobile-friendliness as an essential criterion while giving your website a position and ranking on the search engine. Making an attractive and optimized mobile website has become an integral part of SEO strategies.

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Even sharing information using the predominant SHARE button on social media and chat session is a great marketing tool for your website. The advantage of a clean, easy, user-friendly, and SEO-strategized mobile-friendly website is incomparable.

Better Customer Engagement and Context

Mobile users don’t have the time to go through extravagant graphics or huge essays of content, but they just want a jist of the information they are looking for.

Data shows that many people abandon websites that take more than 2 seconds to load. So, keep the graphics and content to a minimal level to achieve the appropriate pace and to promote better customer engagement.

Mobile consumers are quick to read reviews, compare competitors and brands, avail coupons cracking the best deals, research sales, search for clearance products, and thus are more serious about instantly buying your product.

Mobile Advertising Becomes Convenient

A friendly mobile website engages users with their location-aware technology, click-to-call, mapping functions with minimal pop-ups to give it a beneficial platform for digital marketing.

A website that is faster to load, with less content and pop-ups, can save a lot on the monthly data allowance of the user and makes it more comfortable for him to use the website pro-actively.

Your Brand Identity

The websites that provide optimal user experience will make them stand out in a crowded market. Mobile users will better appreciate the brand identity, and they will keep coming back for more.

The website’s actions will surely speak louder than words by rendering easy navigation and making your brand shine brighter than your competitors. A mobile-optimized website becomes a positive and contemporary brand identity and becomes an optimistic statement for you.

Portability and Connectivity

A mobile-optimized website provides an unprecedented opportunity to its users to be accessed from anywhere, any time.

The constant connectivity to interact with target audiences in a myriad of ways will capture visitor attention. Users will always prefer a good-looking and attractive website with a great interface.

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Integration with Offline Media

By using QR codes, mobile devices can easily bridge the gap between online and offline media. Displayed advertisements, billboards, brochures, posters – even restaurant menus – contain QR codes that will immediately direct users to mobile landing pages.

These are more affordable means of supplying better and more informative interactivity to users. This integration also provides a new dimension of communication to mobile-friendly websites for better outreach and relevant advertising.

Enhances Average Time on the Website, Thus Giving You a Competitive Advantage

By effectively communicating with target audiences online, many feel mobiles have overtaken PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide.

It’s also a unique opportunity for connecting with the growing number of users by capturing their undivided attention and captivating their priceless minutes. The average time a user spends on a website gives you a competitive advantage, and it helps you grow in a great way.

More Flexible and Cost-Effective

It is a better idea to work on your website, converting it into a mobile-friendly site rather than creating a separate app for your business. Apps generally take time to download and install on your mobiles and can generate unwanted advertisements and pop-ups.

They are also quite expensive. So, considering the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of an optimized website, we can conclude that a mobile-friendly website is universally used and appreciated by all existing smartphone browsers.


If you want to enhance your sales and acquire more customers, you must convert website to mobile friendly user interface. You can stay ahead of the curve and lead the game. A minor delay can lead to considerable reductions in conversions and can cost you heavily on lost sales.

Instead, be a pioneer in your field and provxide an optimal experience to your mobile-hooked customers by creating your very own mobile-friendly responsive websites with a technologically enhanced mobile web-development.

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