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9 Advantages a Dedicated Linux VPS Has Over Shared Hosting


In recent years, dedicated Linux virtual private servers have become an excellent hosting solution for business websites. A dedicated Linux VPS uses the Linux operating system and has superior features compared to shared hosting. It offers an excellent and reliable way for your company to conduct business online at all times.

This article will look at ten advantages associated with using a dedicated Linux VPS hosting over shared hosting. Let’s dive in:

1. A Linux VPS is Safe

Unlike a shared hosting plan, a Linux VPS, or virtual private server, is dedicated to your site(s) only. Your host does not allocate other clients to the same server, making it a very secure option for your business.

Since everything that can protect your server and data is in your hands, it is necessary to keep your server and its application updated. It’s also a best practice to install a high-quality firewall to ensure maximum security.

It is crucial to choose a good quality hosting company that will keep the physical servers in good condition. Even though they are quite costly, you are guaranteed that your information is safe.

2. Reliable

Unlike shared hosting plans, dedicated Linux servers genuinely deserve your trust.  They are reliable because all the features and infrastructure are configured to meet your needs. While that’s a great aspect of a VPS, it also means that you are solely responsible for any downtime resulting from issues within your server.

This is why a Linux VPS that’s fully managed by your hosting provider is generally the best way to go, as you’re sure to have a server that runs with an optimal uptime, making it very reliable for your company, clients, and visiting prospects.

3. Readily Accepts Whatever You Want to Set Up

Since the host dedicates the entire server to your needs, you don’t have to worry about other people interfering with your server, unlike shared hosting. The server is always clean and can accept whatever you wish to set up.

The host allocates 100% of all the server’s resources to your needs without sharing them with any other party. You have enough space to allocate data, software programs and applications, and anything else you wish to allocate until you reach the server’s limit. Fortunately, the limit for Linux dedicated servers is high, and you will rarely reach your server’s limit.

4. Technical Support

When you pay for a Linux dedicated server, you not only pay for its excellent hardware configuration and numerous advantages, but you can also have the disposal of a team of highly-qualified specialists.

This is specifically the case if you choose a fully managed VPS plan. In such a case, you’ll have the support of a whole team of Linux specialists ready to help you troubleshoot all technical problem types.

5. Full Control

Due to the free root user access, there is no single-byte data that cannot be accessed and analyzed on a Linux dedicated server, which is different from shared hosting. Having complete control of a server is vital for upgrades, performance, and safety.

In the event of an attack, you have the power to shut down the entire system and get rid of the threat. You will restrict any further access till you get everything resolved.

6. Experience the Unlimited

Whereas a shared hosting plan will sometimes send you email alerts stating that you are using too much RAM, storage capacity or bandwidth, this will not be the case with a Linux VPS.

Whatever you initially set the limits to be, will be exactly what you’ll have at your disposal, without any limit whatsoever. With a Linux dedicated server, everything you pay for is guaranteed, and you have the freedom to use everything you are allowed to without any usage limit warnings.

7. Basket of Domains

Here’s another advantage related to the unlimitless nature of a Linux VPS. Unlike shared hosting, you’ll be able to host all the domains you wish on your dedicated server. Shared hosting plans will generally have a limited number, depending on the plan or package you go with.

8. Good for Your Business

Unlike shared hosting, a Linux dedicated server offers you the possibility to optimize your server’s configuration to its fullest potential, both in terms of performance and security.

As a result, your clients and website’s users will experience great UX thanks to secure browsing and fast loading pages. Since these are notably parameters used by search engines to rank websites, you will get a higher ranking as a result.

9.  Unique IP Address

With a Linux VPS, your hosting company assigns a unique IP address to your dedicated server. Using the right terminal software, you have direct root access through your unique IP, eliminating the need for establishing a DNS record. This helps avoid many potential issues, such as a slow DNS, or an IP server that’s shared with bad neighborhood websites.

As we have seen above, there are many benefits to using a dedicated Linux server over a shared hosting plan. To enjoy these features, consider investing in a VPS for your business, especially if you’re currently questioning the quality and performance of your shared hosting provider.

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