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Add Watermark to PDF Online: How It Secures Documents


A watermark is simply a faded background image of a specific document or PDF. In Portable Document Format (PDF), watermarks can be as an image, a text, or some logo that is recognizable enough for the viewers of the document. It applies not only to documents; you can also put watermarks on your work, such as photos, videos, and any of your creations—only with caution not to disrupt it. On documents, it can be found occupying the middle space behind the text or images.

It is typically for copyright protection. A watermark on a PDF shows the document has legal validity and ought to protect a piece of confidential information. Having watermarks on documents also prevents misuse or copying of the data in a PDF document. Text watermarks are being used to categorize or to magnify the purpose of the particular PDF file.

How to Add Watermark to PDF Through PDFBear

PDFBear secures you of all the benefits and services you can avail yourself of as you work with your PDF documents through the add watermark to PDF online tool. This online platform is specially designed to handle the properties of a PDF accordingly. It can be a lot easier to edit, change, and add any desired functions to it. This online platform does not require much, but aims to get your desired goal by setting its quality standards.

You can open the PDFBear platform by searching on the web. At the top of the dashboard, you will see the button labeled “All Tools.” In there, you will locate the “Add Watermark” label under the section: View and Edit PDF button.

You will see the button inviting you to add a file or drag your PDF file into the dashboard when you’re finally there. As you scroll down, the enumerated steps about adding a watermark are listed clearly.

  • Step 1: You can open the file to edit two ways: select the file by clicking the button or drag the PDF document you want to edit to the dashboard.
  • Step 2: As you choose the watermark, you desire to add, and you can modify it as a text or an image of your choice.
  • Step 3: Next, you would want to put your watermark in an excellent position in your work. You can resize or rotate it however you want, using the tools readily showed.
  • Step 4: You can save the changes after modifying them. Then, download the PDF file with an added watermark to the particular folder.

Is It Essential to Add Watermark to A File?

Knowing how to put legal copyright or ownership over your work or document is important. It prevents your work or PDF Document from being stolen. Thus, you must have a staple website online where you can always entrust your PDF documents.

PDFBear is an online platform that works and deals with all of your PDF documents. It has all the tools you will need to modify, convert, compress, or edit your PDF files.

Adding a watermark on a PDF document can be much of a hassle, especially if you are not tech-savvy. But fret not! PDFBear has got you covered! This platform has all the easy ways and steps you can compress to accomplish your desired goal.

Professional watermark

Add text to the PDF as your watermark in no time. You have the control to modify your document’s fonts, size, and transparency in one place. There are many options for adding a watermark aside from text, and you can choose an image or logo as you own the design of your PDF document. Get your document aligned with your style and purpose, as PDFBear supports you with all the watermark tools you need.

High-quality output

We provide the best PDF watermark tools with the highest stretch of choices. You can choose from a broad range of fonts and design them as you like. We have such properties ready for your primary benefits. Your kind of watermark can come with a variety of designs, and so, we ought to prepare for you all palates of choices you can freely choose from to beautify your document.

Online access for any device

This watermark tool is very portable and accessible, as you can use it through mobile devices. Your files are safe to upload, share, convert, edit and save through this online platform. This online servicing platform is perfect for any device as long as it is connected to the internet.

Any watermark for any device

You do not have to worry if you are using any system or device. With our watermark tools, you can access high-quality services with no hassle with whatever medium you have—Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Mac, or windows—name it! We have accessible service properties applicable to any means.

High-level security

This online platform assures you with the best high-level security you can trust with its 256-bit encryption technology. Your document privacy is our top priority, and we will always be concerned about how your files are saved and protected on your accounts.

Watermark with cloud technology

Save much of your hassle with our newly designed innovation through cloud technology. You can utilize much of your time, energy, and storage. Cloud technology helps your concerns and dealings with saving your watermarked files.


As time advances today, the economy and society try to cope with the fast-developing with. If the time has caught you nowhere but stuck in working with your files and PDF documents, you might have to consider entrusting the complicated to us. PDFBear provides you with the best PDF document modifications as you edit, add, subtract, and protect your files through PDFBear. This platform assures your document is safe.

By knowing the importance of watermarks and putting your own choice of the watermark into your PDF file, you are saving your future hassle and problems today. PDFBear guides you as you get along the tech-savvy road and get on with your work as fast as possible! Try it out now and you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using it all along!

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