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Today, I had to do some arrangements in my laptop. Take example to understand the case clearly. The thing which I had to do was to make a list of my favourite songs. As I like to listen from many popular singers like Pitbull, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Enrique Iglesias, Akon and Justin Bieber. So, I have number of songs of each singer and categorized their songs folder-wise by their name. The problem was that whatever song I liked, I had to send it to my newly created folder “My Favourite Songs” (for example).

Performing this operation one by one i.e. listening the song, copying it and going to “My Favourite Songs”
folder to paste the song can prove a very very difficult task. Sometime, I had to songs to another folder. I think you got what I’m talking about. What to do in such situation when we have to move files and folders from different locations to a particular destination folder or more than one. I know you will advise me to use Document folder in such situation as it is already present in SEND TO menu. But, you should know that I’m discussing about something advance problem such as if we want to move files to different categories from same folder at a time. This will definitely consume much time.

So, to solve the issue, I thought little differently and came up with a solution. I added folders to my SEND TO drop-down menu for quick action. After I done my work, I decided to share this to my loving audience.

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How to send files to a folder by adding files to SEND TO menu:-

1. Open Windows Explorer from desktop

2. Open Show/Hide options in windows. Show hidden files and folder. You will also need to show system protected files and folders. You can refer to separate article if you want to read how to Show/Hide files and folders.

3. Now go to C:\Users\Current User\SendTo.

Windows doesn’t allow to go inside these system folders by default. To access SendTo folder, you will need to change security settings to gain access to SendTo folder. In order to do this, you must be an administrator.

i. Simply right click on SendTo Folder and open the properties.

ii. Switch to security tab and click on advanced option.

iii. Change Current Owner of the Computer

Here, you will need to change owner of the computer from SYSTEM to your administrator account name.

  • Click change and add administrator account name. Hit Enter.
  • Check the box, “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects”.
  • Check the box, “Replace all child object permission entries with inheritance permission entries from this object”.
  • Delete “Everyone” principle from the list.

iv. Hit enter and accept all dialog box choosing Yes.

v. Hit OK on the properties windows and Done!

4. Create New Destination Folder

Create new destination folders to which you want to move files at their actual location. Create Shortcut of each folder also. Rename them if you want.

5. Copy the shortcut folders and paste them to C:\Users\Current User\SendTo folder.

6. You are done now.

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> Select any file (or folder)

> Right click and move it to your desired folder from SEND TO drop down menu.

Note:- If you want to move instead of copying files (or folders). Then you can hold SHIFT key and open right click menu and send files to destination folders.

Final Words:-

You may have problem in changing security settings of inaccessible folders. But following this step by step simple guide, you will solve the issue. Only bet is that you should be an administrator of your computer to change these settings. Although, this is a minor trick but it can help you and me in different ways where popular software fails to work. You can manage your files and folders with this more accurately specially when categorizing things. Well, thanks for the read. If still you have any problem, use discussion section below.

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