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Accessing The Internet Through A Smartphone


One important feature of the Smartphone that increased  its value to consumers is its ability to access the Internet or from a cloud like what RingCentral provides. When the Smartphone was still a feature phone , consumers had been just happy that they could make and receive phone calls as well as text messages with the use of the device.

But when cellphone manufacturers were able to find a way in the feature phone or Smartphone to access the Internet, the more the people felt they needed to have such a device for communication. Accessing the Internet is important for a lot of people especially for businessmen who look for information on they could improve their products as well satisfy their customers.

Consumers could then  access their phones with the use of WAP or wireless application protocol. With the use of WAP, feature phone users are able to access the phone service provider’s homepage which also contained links to the different websites.

The problem with WAP is what’s only free is your being able to access the phone service provider’s homepage. You are going to be charged extra however for clicking on links to websites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and the like.  So how did it become easier for customers to access the Internet with the use of their feature phones or Smartphones?

• Through WiFi technology, Smartphones now may be used to access the Internet without having to go through the phone service provider’s WAP page. This saves the user a great deal of money since he or she can access the Internet for free. Though some phone service providers still maintain WAP pages, new Smartphones don’t have the capability to access WAP sites. That’s because they don’t need it. The only probable reason some phone service providers still maintain a homepage is for users who still own older models of Smartphones or feature phones.

• With the latest Smartphones such as the ones that most phone service providers offer along with their other products, users can access their email anytime anywhere. Having easy access to email is important for businessmen like you because you need to keep in touch with your customers. Being always in touch with your customers enables you to provide them with the kind of service they need whenever they need it. However with earlier feature phones, you had a choice of sending your message either as text or email message.

• By using the latest Smartphones together with WiFi technology, you may access your Facebook or Twitter account without paying even a single cent. It is a less expensive way of accessing your favorite social media than depending on network support in order to access these two social media. People would rather save their phone credits for making calls or sending text messages to their loved ones.

• Because users can easily access the Internet with the use of WiFi, it has become less expensive for them to download applications. This is particularly useful for you and your associates since you might not know when you would suddenly need an important app such as one that helps you find your way around town or an app that help you make complex computations which would allow you to serve your customers better.

Truly, the feature phones and the Smartphones have come a long way in helping you gain easy access to the Internet. From the use of WAP to the use of WiFi technology, manufacturers of Smartphones continue to look for better ways to make it easy for you to access the Internet.

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