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Two-Wheeled Workout: A Guide to Scooter Fitness Tips


Scootering as a sport is very rare but it is a practical physical activity that you can engage in. The best thing about this two-wheeled workout is that you can work out as you run your errands or go to work without having to put on full workout gear.

The best scooter for a workout is the classic model, rather than the electric model, as the act of pushing yourself along the pavement is the best cardio workout and you will be able to use your lower body muscles and other parts of your body as well.

Here is a guide on how to get the best workout using your scooter:

#1 How to Train the Lower Body

The lower body includes the hamstrings, calves, soleus, quads, and glutes. While riding your ethic scooter you will bend your standing legs engaging your glutes, quads, and core.

The kicking leg works the flexor and hamstring. While scooting around, you will give a huge range of motion to your glutes, hamstring and your lower legs when compared to cycling.

You will also be using your foot muscles, claves, and soleus while engaging your core throughout.

#2 Tip On Training Your Hip Flexors

When cycling, your knee is always in front of you and does not really work out the hip flexor. The best tip when training on your scooter is to kick your leg as far as you can so that your hip flexor fully opens up. This is the best way to work it out.

#3 The Smaller Interconnecting Muscles

If you want to fully work on your stability and train the smaller muscles on your knee and ankle then all you need to do is to get on your scooter and ride it.

While scooting your knee and ankle will get destabilized and this is the best work out for them just like a wobbly board in your gym. This is not a common workout but it is good for your body.

#4 Your Back, Core, And Chest

The tip to training your core, chest, and back is by completely pulling on the handlebars and enjoying the ride on your scooter. Pull yourself up to the handlebar to work out your chest muscles, kick your leg back to work out your lower back muscles and train your core by keeping your body upright and stable as you scoot down a slope or when you are not kicking.

It is time to get out that scooter and get your workout on. Remember, while scooting do not forget to switch your legs so that both can get an even workout.

Scooter Training Ideas

There are no set rules for working out on a scooter, but just like in any other work out you need to:

  • Warm-up because you will be using your muscles and that is why you need to loosen up your joints a little before riding any scooter.
  • If you are looking to train your cardiovascular muscles, then ride on flat terrain for 20-30 minutes.
  • Switch your legs after every 4-5 kicks, so that your body can train evenly and to avoid any muscle imbalance.
  • For high-intensity training, scoot on a hill or a hilly terrain and use 3 short kicks on every leg before switching. While descending down the hill, do not forget to work out your chest and core.

Keep Fit Effortlessly With Your Scooter

Riding your scooter is better than walking because you can burn around 200 calories when you use the above guide. You will keep fit, lose weight, and also discover muscles that you didn’t know exist. Try to reach as far as you can when lifting your leg and kicking it as you push yourself to help in the toning.

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