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The 8 Benefits Of Moss Walls


These days, you’ll see a lot of moss walls in offices and other high-traffic places. This type of wall has gained popularity over the years, and it’s not about to slow down anytime soon. If moss walls interest you, you may want to talk to a moss wall supplier. For some general info, here are some surprising things you’ll learn about it:

Space Saver and Other Things

  • One of the obvious advantages of a moss wall is its size. It can be wide or narrow, but it’s not bulky. As the name suggests, you just hang it on the wall. You experience having a living thing in the office or at home without having to allocate too much space. It can fit in any space, which means it can be put anywhere where a living wall is not feasible.
  • With a moss wall, the quality of air is improved. Moss can combat air pollution. It works when the pollutants coming from rain or air attach themselves to the moss’ surface. The pollutants will stick there while the bacteria will transform into biomass. Through this, lung health can improve.
  • Moss wall is also a stress reliever. Why? This is because seeing something green offers tranquility. Think about it: When you go on nature tripping, you like seeing greens, especially when hiking. This offers a lot of unwinding moments for you. When you’re at the office and you feel stress, the moss wall can also offer that same effect for you.

More Benefits

  • Moss walls offer some sort of noise reduction. It’s helpful for homes and offices near busy streets. The wall can block off high-frequency sounds while the low-frequency noises will be decreased by the supporting structures. This is the principle that goes on with moss.
  • Airborne dust contains contaminants from a variety of elements. These could be chemical dust, smoke particles, cleaners, molds, and fumes. Moss, on the other hand, has bacteria that can decompose organic substances. For that, moss is an effective airborne dust destroyer.
  • Moss can also keep the skin healthy by keeping it well-hydrated and moisturized. The presence of moss in the house or office allows the skin to heal faster when there are wounds and scratches. It even prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Can’t Get Enough of Moss

Can’t Get Enough of Moss

  • A moss wall can help any space stay cool during the summer. During the winter, it acts as an insulation source, which can decrease the cost of heating. The moss wall is a venue for an indoor water cycle.
  • Moss can also help maintain the moisture level of a space. It stabilizes the humidity level of any room. This is helpful because when the humidity level of a room comes down at less than 10 grams per cubic meter, viruses like influenza can form. Additionally, moss can lower the level of carbon dioxide in any space.

Moss is not only cute additions to any space; they’re more than that. They provide various health benefits for the people in that space. Besides being a stress reliever when you look at it, moss can keep the lungs healthy too. Don’t worry about pollution because moss can also combat that. Use a moss wall if you’re interested in these benefits.

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