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Email Marketing: 7 Ways How Technology Is Reshaping It


The emerging trends with technology across various industries play a crucial role, particularly in email marketing. Sending emails has been an integral part of digital marketing, and with the latest technologies, it is more potent than ever. Garnering higher conversions to automation and data analysis, it gives an extra boost for more favourable results.

Even though there is a rise in several marketing channels, email marketing remains a crucial marketing tool and the most effective way to gain prospective customers. By resonating with technology, marketers can analyse data and automate the process of efficiency. By implementing email marketing, one can gain insights quickly as it has its direct approach and cost-effective methodology. Right now, we are still in the process of tasting the power of technology or artificial intelligence that can create wonders and surprise all of us with advancements.

The key is to craft content that can personalize emails to intended recipients. Several enterprises leverage this segmentation by hiring an email marketing agency to verify, target, and schedule emails. With technology, they can reshape the impact of email campaigns.

Let us go through some of the seven ways how technology have been reshaping email marketing:

Convenience of Automation

Many campaigns adhere to a process that designs and sets automated campaigns based on customers’ past purchases, interests, and browsing leads with AI-powered systems. It determines the content that will be effective in drafting your emails. The highest amount of engagement and conversion is possible to nurture your clientele with a faster and more accessible approach.

Smart Personalization

Email marketing also focuses on creating emails that look like they were written personally by humans with customized emails tailor-made for each of the individual subscribers. It resonates most with your target audience at a personalized level. It asks them to set their preferences while signing up, driving better results without increasing human resources and enhancing overall consumer engagement rates.

Optimize the Big Data

Having a good subject line and detailed body copy in an email is vital to decide whether a campaign is successful or not. It should persuade the targeted customers in driving specific actions. Using artificial intelligence technology, email marketers utilize data-driven insights to evaluate which body copy will get positive results and segment your subscribers. Natural language technology is adopted to have a chance to stand out from the crowd.

But aside from this, you can also gather more personal data that will help you with drafting and gain deeper insights about your target audience. Instead of bombarding subscribers with generic mass emails, focus on the unique content consistent with brand language.

Increased engagement

With the right combination of a subject line, email body, and images, you can deliver useful content to your specific audience. Having the help of the latest technologies, you can quickly generate the content and get some fantastic results in conversion and revenues. Decoding a proper combination with the technology allows you to get some unique messaging elements to design your emails.

Email timing calibration

It is essential to figure a suitable time for sending emails to establish proper connections with subscribers. The timing will be the deciding factor to dispatch messages that will be, in turn, read or not. By examining your clients’ past behaviour with the help of machine learning, you can analyse their behaviour and set an effective email automation system, ensuring no email is ever unnoticed. Thus, you can correctly calibrate the schedule of sending out your emails and configure with the goal of optimization to connect with humans who have different habits and preferences.

Personalization of promotions

To make personalized marketing tactics, you can utilize AI algorithms and meet your customers’ history, interests, and habits and target them by recommending discounts, vouchers, and gifts where your customer can quickly complete the purchase. Let the emails promote the probability of conversions and improve engagement rates. These online activities are personalized according to subscribers in real-time to boost conversions and increase sales.

Discovering new segments

Incorporating smart segmentation to customize the email experience can help you to send separate emails to each consumer. With proper segmentation of geographies, demographics, and psychographics, it enables you to garner more opens, conversions, and CTRs that make it easy to identify hidden details and behaviour, thereby saving both your time and resources. These patterns can be turned into new and distinct marketing segments, thereby making the email experience more accessible.

Email marketing campaigns are complicated and time-consuming, and with the help of AI and technology dealing with all these complicated marketing tasks has become much more straightforward. So, allow us to incorporate it into your email marketing strategy, making it more useful and relevant than ever before.

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Chris is the Director of InboxArmy, an e-commerce email marketing agency that specializes in providing email marketing services from production to deployment. He has worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, non-profits, SMBs and government bodies in all facets of their email marketing services and email campaign management programs since almost 2 decades. Chris’s success track record covers building email programs at competitive email marketing pricing and using data-driven strategies to turn around underperforming accounts.

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