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6 Ways A.I. & Data That Will Change Online Gambling Forever


Artificial intelligence commonly referred to as AI is undergoing significant changes in the current era. Almost every industry aims at leveraging their AI to boost the efficiency of their operations. Just like any other industry, the online gambling industry is also part of the AI wave.

Today, the online casino has gained huge popularity which is sure to boost the usage of AI for enhancing user experience. The industry of online gambling deals with an enormous volume of user data which serves as the source for machine learning algorithms. This data, when studied analytically, serves as the driving resource for the AI innovation phase.

Some of the ways in which AI is sure to revolutionize the field of online gambling have been discussed below:

Deep Analysis of Data

Big data analysis plays an important role in the field of online casinos by determining the likes and dislikes of players. This helps them in creating a user-friendly experience for the gamblers. Today, the web gaming industry has gained a global platform by offering players with a customized user experience. However, the entire focus is not on luring people into gambling. The algorithms help in flagging individual players to the various casino operators so that they stay alert about the gambling addiction of certain players. This safeguard helps the operators to assist the individuals who are interested in gambling.

Tracking the Cheats

The most challenging aspect with respect to online casinos is using AI to prevent cheating and suspicious behavior. Artificial intelligence serves the purpose of a CCTV camera present in an actual casino to supervise the behavior of the gamblers and identify the tricksters. It is important to monitor every step of an online player to get a precise picture of that individual. Abating the susceptible cheats help in safeguarding the integrity of this game, the genuine players and the casino.

Detect gaming issues

AI helps in accumulating the required information like the time spent by a player on a game, gamer’s deposited amount, timing, how much and when they wager and the types of game which are usually bet on. The data helps in detecting gambling issues and saves it from becoming a grave concern. Inventors believe that these factors help in detecting various gambling issues with great accuracy. Advanced technologies also offer a number of tools such as loss-limits and automatic time outs.

Pulling more Young blood

The current age group of individuals taking part in gambling activities has been found to be between 35 to 65 years of age. AI-driven VR is sure to pull younger individuals towards this industry. It has been seen that millenarian individuals usually indulge in playing such games online and not on their desktop or visit an actual casino. Implementation of VR is sure to lure a large number of young individuals into casino playing.

Healthy Computer Competition

The arena of online gambling is expected to become highly competitive as machines with passing time will give stiff competition to human players. The ability of AI to study humans strategically will contribute to its winning hand. Also, the technology is expected to change the fate of online gambling forever if the win-loss ratio turns into 50-50.

Better Client Service

It is quite a frustrating thing to deal with a non-human representative extending customer support. All thanks to AI for replacing useless bots. Popular studies indicate that the majority of the brands are either aiming to or have already deployed virtual reality and AI to boost their customer service and other operations by the year 2020.


This entire subject is still being debated and who will gain enough power will only be realized with passing time. It is still confusing if the house will get many benefits if the players deploy complicated ways of placing the bet selections and if the odds will favor them for betting even bigger amounts. This is, however, the only significant impact of AI visible on the modern gaming industry. Studies show that artificial intelligence has found a significant space within the industry for a number of good reasons as well and it will continue to do so.

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