6 Tips for Limiting Your Child’s Screen Time

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6 tips for limiting your child screen time

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, most schools are closed and due to which many children are incorporating more screen time. Kids who spend too much time in front of the screen can have various issues such as the risk of obesity, irregular sleep schedules, violence, loss of social skills, and less or no physical activity. Too much screen time builds anxiety, depression, and attention span.

Limiting screen time may seem like an impossible task. But, parents can make it possible by explaining to their kids the harmful effects of excessive screen time. To reduce the use of electronics among children, parents must plan to put away devices away from sight and engage kids in other activities. Here are the top 7 tips that will make it easy for parents to reduce screen time for kids.

1. Use parental controls

Parents can use many tools to protect their kids from accessing explicit content on their smartphones or PCs. Most web browsers and TVs have parental controls in-built that help you filter or block unwanted content for your kids. Many apps also allow you to eliminate irrelevant content from your child’s smartphone. Using parental control, parents can also block particular websites, web searches, or even keywords. As a parent, it is your duty to encourage healthy behaviors and limit their viewing habit. You may find it challenging to follow these parental control on your children, but these tough decisions that you are making today will secure your child’s future.

2. Keep your kid’s bedroom screen-free

If your kids spend a lot of time on screens before going to bed, it is high time to keep off and limit the screen time for kids. When your child carries their electronic devices in the bedroom, it will interfere with their sleep. Because of this, they will not get enough sleep at night that makes it hard for them to have consistent energy to do daily tasks such as studying, attending online classes, preparing for tests, or playing sports. To make this possible, parents can enroll their children in online courses to limit their screen time and make them learn something new. These online classes will help children get tired and sleep fast without using their smartphones or watching tv.

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It also helps to make your child’s room more conducive for creative imagination, relaxation, and sleep. For instance, you can place a Japanese pillow under your child’s head to improve sleep comfort and posture. You can also buy your child a plush blanket with their favorite cartoon character to provide comfort, warmth and security. Furthermore, you can decorate the area with vibrant and artistic wall art or a dream catcher to inspire dreams of fun and adventure.

During bedtime, take advantage of the opportunity to bond with your children by asking them about their day and encouraging them to share their daily encounters and adventures with you. Additionally, read bedtime stories to your kids to help them wind down before they hit the sack rather than staring at a screen. It’s worth noting that young people have a special interest in fantastical literature, including fairy tales, science fiction, fantasy, and ghost stories.

3. Encourage other activities

Kids nowadays are used to apps, games, and other electronic devices as they find it an easy and convenient way for fun and entertainment. If a child engages in no activities other than staring at a screen, parents should encourage them to seek out and get involved in other activities. Inspire them to read books, study, play board games, get creative, and play outside with friends and siblings. As a parent, you can also involved with them to help with their studies and daily task. For some reason, if you are not present to help them with their homework & assignment and your child feels burdened, you can employ assignment help from experts who offer high-quality work efficiently and quickly.

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Enrolling your children in sports like Taekwondo, basketball, or football organizations can help divert their attention to healthier and more productive activities. It has the potential to pique their interest, leading them to spend more time engaged in sports and less time on screens. Alternatively, you can play sports and games with your children in your free time to boost your health and nurture your parent-child relationship.

You can also install swings and monkey bars at your own backyard for fun. Check out NJ Swing Sets for variations and plenty of fun that you can have at your own house.

4. Create phone-free zones in the home

Setting limits on TV, smartphones, and video games for kids is never easy. Parents can make a point to schedule screen-free time by establishing a screen-free zone. Putting down the phone will help you focus on other activities, such as taking a walk, playing cards & board games, learning musical instruments, meditating, exercising, and spending time doing creative projects. Simply start by restricting children, elders, and yourself from all electronic devices – cell phones, handheld video games, or laptops. Parents can also make family mealtime, sleeping time, or playing together time a phone-free zone. Keeping your family meals and conversations reserved will help you limit screen time for your kids.

Children who can refrain from using their mobile devices in phone-free zones are more likely to be resilient to negative influences later in life. They quickly learn how to obey rules in school and the community. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your kids can tell right from wrong and understand the difference between permissible and forbidden behaviors.

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5. Make your kids understand why you are limiting screen time

Technology brings so much to our lives, from information to education, comfort, and entertainment. But, the endless screen time keeps your child busy. Parents should help their children understand the importance of limiting screen time. You can start by spending time each day talking face-to-face with kids and providing them the attention they require. You can also spend quality time with your kids by helping them do their homework and assignments. We advise parents to take care of their kid’s urgent tasks in advance and order them online at TopAssignmentExperts, where professional writers can help you with any task. Explaining to your kids the reason for creating a phone-free environment will help you limit screen time for your kids.

6. Play with Your Kids and set an example

Putting down your phone and taking a walk or playing outdoors with your kids will help your child understand that their parents have also restricted their screen time. Parents must set an example in front of their kids that will give them a boost to limit their screen time. You can also provide full attention to your kids and play with them. It will increase the hormones that generate the feeling of happiness in the brain, boost their mood, and improve their physical health. Parents who are busy with their work or job can rely on academic writing services, such as TFTH, where experts support students wholeheartedly at an affordable price.

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