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5 Smart Solutions to Cope with College Workload


Do you find it difficult to cope with the college workload? You aren’t the only one. Every student would agree that sometimes 24 hours a day isn’t enough to complete all the assignments before the deadline. The great part of the whole academic process is writing. Professional essay writers, research papers, term projects, and other assignments regularly. How to deal with college problems without sacrificing your personal life? Here are 5 smart solutions that will help you to manage time effectively and cope with writing assignments faster and easier.

Develop Cognitive Functions Playing Brain Games and Using Special Apps

According to scientists, the brain, like muscles, needs training. Mobile applications for training cognitive functions help not only keep your memory in good shape but also develop it. This requires only 5-10 minutes a day.

  • Lumosity brain training. You can play different games and do brain tests. (3 games a day are free). By playing these brain games daily, you’ll be able to improve your memory, train your brain, and learn to concentrate.

  • CogniFit app for training cognitive skills. This app identifies 23 cognitive skills and shows how they develop through training. You have access to training for memory, logic problems, exercises aimed at reaction speed and reasoning, exercises for attention and concentration, mental agility games, educational games for different ages.

  • To develop your brain, you don’t have to use only innovative solutions. Sudoku is not only a popular leisure activity but also an excellent puzzle game that develops logic, memory, the ability to observe and count quickly. There are four levels in this app – Easy, Intermediate, Hard, Expert. The more difficult the level is the less filled cells. The view is customizable – you can choose a white, dark, or neutral background. There is also a function of notes – in the corner you can put a candidate number for a box, like on paper. After three mistakes, the game is over.
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  • Chess. Chess develops critical and abstract thinking, attention, concentration, problem-solving, strategic planning, the ability to make choices – and this is not a complete list. Download a chess app and play with other people online. You can solve short puzzles, for example, what figure to look like in a certain situation, and train peripheral vision learning to navigate on the board quickly.

Stay Organized Using Planner Apps

If you want to be productive and cope with much workload, you need to manage time effectively. It is a must to schedule all the events. Today, you can do this easily with the help of mobile planner applications.

  • – It’s a calendar app and a to-do list 2 in 1. This tool will help you to create a list of all the important things you should do not forget about anything. You can check your lists regularly to compare your accomplishments and achievements.  The app has a user-friendly interface and makes it easy to add details to the event you’ve created.
  • Things 3. iPhone users are recommended to install the Things app to stay organized. The main advantage is that there is an interactive checklist. This app will help you not to get distracted from the tasks you must do.

Hire a Competent Academic Helper Online

Do you find it difficult to balance studies, work, and personal life? Then, you need a helper. It’s a good idea to hire the best-qualified tutor or academic writer to help you with paper writing on a regular basis. Many students look for competent writers at It’s a reputable essay writing service where you can get college writing assistance round-the-clock. Experienced writers will help you to meet the requirements of the most demanding professor and improve grades within a short time. Hire a professional writer and learn how to complete first-class essays on any topic.

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You can also find talented college tutors at such freelance platforms as Fiverr and Upwork. There are hundreds of well-educated experts who can help you with assignments in various subjects.

Use Spell and Grammar Checkers

You can write brilliant content but the teacher won’t evaluate it high if it contains grammar mistakes and spelling errors. You are recommended to use spell checkers and grammar correction tools to submit error-free assignments. Here are the best AI tools to use:

  • Hundreds of students check academic writing using this tool. The registration is completely free. Compared to many other tools, Trinka finds tricky errors and offers improvements. After you check your paper with the help of this tool, you can be sure that your assignment sounds perfect. Both beginners and professional editors find Trinka very helpful.

  • Type the text and Grammarly will detect all the grammar and spelling errors. You can enter the website from the desktop computer or use a user-friendly app. You can use the app for free. But if you want to improve the most tricky errors, you are recommended to pay for Grammarly Premium.

Use Style and Formatting/Citing Tools

Make sure that your paper meets all the style and formatting requirements before you submit it. Today, you can use styling and formatting tools to save time and effort. Here are some of the helpful citing tools for students.

  • Scribbr. Use the tool for free whenever you need to cite books and web resources. The key advantage of this tool is that it is accurate and has a very user-friendly design. Just create an account and get started.
  • It’s a free citation generator where you can cite the paper in APA, MLA, Chicago, and other popular formats. The citation machine will help you to create a well-formatted paper spending as little time as possible.
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Bonus: Check Web Blogs on Writing

If you want to improve writing skills, check web blogs on writing. One of such blogs is a Positive Writer. If you follow the tips from an expert, you will overcome writer’s block. Check the blog if you need original ideas for your paper. You’ll definitely get inspired by interesting articles published in the Positive Writer blog.

Another great blog you should check is the Writer’s Digest.

It’s the place where you will find many tips on how to start writing high-quality texts. Both beginners and experts will find original writing prompts in the Writer’s Digest blog. Be inspired and create an engaging story for your readers.

Follow the tips above and you’ll manage to write top-quality papers spending less time and effort for the organization of the writing process.

Author BIO: Jilian Woods is an essay writer at She has over 10 years of writing experience. J.Woods has completed hundreds of college essays on different topics successfully. The writer improves her knowledge and skills regularly and can complete a paper of any complexity without errors. 

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