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5 Reasons to Smoke Hemp Flower


High-quality, CBD-rich Cannabis sativa flower is now widely available on the internet. Brands like Secret Nature are setting the standard for what CBD flower should look, smell, and taste like, and the artisan approach to cultivating CBD-rich hemp flower delivers high-end results that anyone can enjoy whether they partake in THC-rich cannabis or not. As countless people around the country discover the unique benefits of hemp flower, learn the top five reasons you should incorporate this non-intoxicating alternative to marijuana into your lifestyle.

1. CBD flower is non-addictive

Unlike THC-rich cannabis or tobacco, CBD does not have habit-forming properties. Scientists believe that this lack of addictive qualities may have to do with the way that CBD affects your brain.

While THC directly stimulates your cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), causing a sensation of euphoria by increasing production of endorphins, CBD bypasses these receptors to interact with neurochemical structures that gently modulate mood, inflammation, and the sensation of pain. In fact, CBD changes the structure of your cannabinoid receptors, making it harder for THC to exert habit-forming effects.

2. CBD is non-intoxicating

The effects of CBD are decidedly non-intoxicating. While this cannabinoid might exert mild psychoactive properties, such as positive alterations to mood, CBD does not make you feel high, and it does not cause paranoia, arrogance, poor judgment, or any of the other downsides commonly associated with THC.

At the same time, smoking CBD in flower form considerably intensifies the effects of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid. Inhaling CBD provides much higher bioavailability and faster activation times than ingesting this cannabinoid orally.

3. There are lots of strains to choose from

Just as is the case with THC-rich cannabis, the effects of CBD-rich hemp flower vary considerably depending on the genetics of the strain you smoke. Sativa-dominant strains, for instance, are equipped with terpenes and flavonoids that provide uplifting, energizing effects, and Indica-dominant strains accentuate the naturally relaxing effects of CBD. Hybrid strains combine the benefits of Indica and Sativa genetics to offer balanced effects.

With most types of CBD products, such as tinctures and capsules, it’s impossible to choose between indica, sativa, or hybrid attributes. CBD flower, however, comes in many different strain options just like the marijuana flower available at medical or recreational cannabis dispensaries, making it possible to fine-tune your CBD smoking experience.

4. CBD flower has relaxing effects

Stress affects us all regardless of the paths we take in life. It’s natural to seek safe, healthy remedies for stress and overwork, and the effects of CBD flower are decidedly relaxing without causing any significant side effects.

Even sativa-dominant CBD flower strains provide relaxing effects, and many hemp smokers reach for indica-dominant strains when it’s time to wind down, decompress, and get ready for bed. Orally ingested CBD products also have relaxing effects, but these effects are accentuated in CBD flower since smoking CBD provides higher bioavailability and faster activation times.

5. Hemp flower smells and tastes delicious

Smoking hemp flower is an overall enjoyable experience. Whether you smoke your CBD-rich hemp flower in a pipe or bong, enjoy the convenience of a CBD pre-roll, or even vape your flower in a dry herb vape pen or desktop vape, you’ll find that properly grown hemp flower offers a rich medley of aroma and taste sensations that are refreshingly unique.

No two CBD flower strains smell or taste exactly alike, so smoking hemp flower is a journey of discovery that never ends. Brands like Secret Nature that grow their hemp flower indoors using organic cultivation methods produce CBD-rich Cannabis sativa strains that bring out the naturally tasty attributes of CBD flower to the fullest extent possible.

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