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5 Hacks Used by Digital Marketing Agencies to Keep You Profitable


Traditional methods of advertising, such as newspapers, are increasingly becoming inefficient for businesses. A few years ago, very few people would go to the internet to search for products and services. However, a lot has changed since then.

Today’s shopper finds scrolling the internet convenient compared to taking a trip to the mall. A recent survey from Episerver of 4,500 shoppers found 38% of consumers in the UK bought products at least once a week- the highest in Europe.

Digital marketing companies have, in the past, played a significant role in this change. Social media marketing, which is part of digital marketing, provides the business with an effective means of mass marketing products.

Any Social media agency Brighton has in its kitty, in this case, has helped hundreds of UK businesses to remain competitive in this digital age. They offer countless cutting-edge services designed to offer your business an upper hand over the competition.

Irrespective of whether your business is business-to-business or business-to-customer, digital marketing can deliver fast, tangible results. Additionally, unlike traditional means of advertisement, digital marketing is cheaper, thus saving you money.

To ensure that your products get viewed by millions, these firms employ modern tools and hacks. These include methods such as:

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click commonly referred to as online advertising or Google Advertising, involves pushing your advertisement at the top of search engine results for specific terms. These search terms are what people key into the search engine when looking to buy a product.

In the UK and most other parts of the world, Google gets to enjoy a vast majority of search activity. As a business, you will want to invest a large portion of your budget in them. Aside from that, you don’t want to lose business by side-lining other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Make a point of allocating a portion to these as well.

Web Design

Research has shown that businesses tend to lose up to 30% of business due to slow scripts. Most visitors want fast reaction times. And if your website is slow, they will close the tab. Your website is the face of your business and a crucial component of any digital marketing strategy.

It should have a WOW factor to impress both your clients and potential business. With each click, they should be directed to the section they want to go to.

If any part of this system doesn’t function as it should, you will lose clients. Any reputed Social media agency in Brighton will ensure that your online platform works as it should, thereby increasing conversions.

Content Marketing

To many, content marketing may seem easy, but it’s not. Content isn’t just about producing articles for business. Conversely, it’s all about coming up with content that’s engaging and captivating to the reader. This will make them come back for more and possibly share it with others.

It should also follow set out guidelines to rank higher in search results. It should be noted that killer content helps increase brand awareness and significantly increases traffic. Digital marketing agencies specialize in delivering content that creates better opportunities for companies.


Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool you can use in digital marketing. It offers a variety of benefits to businesses. Online business is quite competitive, filled with numerous brands. Well planned SEO always puts your products a step ahead of your competition.

Establishing contact with a potential customer gives you the chance to showcase your products and generate leads fast. Additionally, having your content/product found by prospective clients on search engines is the holy grail.

Similarly, building your business’s authority in your niche and getting published on highly authoritative sites will increase your rank.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective means of marketing your brand. It is highly effective and bears results almost instantly. As the name suggests, it involves reaching out to persons with many followers to promote your product.

These influencers usually use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. It’s useful because you can specifically search for an influencer whose followers have a specific taste for your product.

Therefore, this makes targeted marketing easier. It is also relatively cheaper compared to the kind of reach it offers.

Digital marketing is a must-have for any business. The services they provide are invaluable. To think that you can do without them is simply unimaginable. And as we continue to get hooked onto social media platforms, businesses are going to require these services for many years to come.

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