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5 Actionable Ways to Use Prescriptive Analytics


Business intelligence software isn’t a new thing, but it is constantly evolving and improving. The capabilities of the most powerful business intelligence and analytics software integrations today are astounding. With the help of the right deployments, your company can undergo an entire digital transformation.

One of the most beneficial business intelligence software applications is prescriptive analytics. You may be wondering what prescriptive analytics is and how it can be applied to your business processes. Prescriptive analytics refers to the statistical models and methods that draw on other analytics techniques to create actionable plans. The following are some popular use cases and outcomes for employing effectual prescriptive analytics software.

Increasing Team Efficiency

Streamlining operations and increasing efficiency are some of the most common use cases for prescriptive analytics. The focus of prescriptive analytics is to discover the most advantageous course of action to take with your business processes. Prescriptive analytics draw upon different types of analytics—descriptive and predictive analytics models—in order to extract actionable insights and make solid plans.

When drawing upon historical data of employee performance, predictive analytics can create statistical models of all potential future outcomes and scenarios. Prescriptive analytics uses these predictions to create optimization models so you can confidently take the best course of action moving forward. This serves your team by allowing you to design new and optimized workflows. This type of innovation will allow your employees to work smarter and more efficiently.

Reducing Production Costs

Prescriptive analytics allows you to create statistical models and algorithms that help you make better decisions for your business. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and simulations let you see the possible outcomes so you can determine the next step for your operations. Whether it’s sales, inventory, marketing, or material ordering, a prescriptive model can show you the best way to cut costs and track spending. Having access to the data you need to make a better-informed decision basically hands your team the best solution for any complications they’re experiencing. Being in control of your company’s output and expenses is the best way to inspire growth and innovation for your business.

Setting Achievable Goals

Data scientists have developed all of these types of analytics with the goal of promoting innovation. Descriptive analytics gives you insight into your current data sets, while predictive analytics creates simulations and predictive models of future scenarios based on the insights extracted from the descriptive analytics. Innovation comes from the combined use of these analytics in the form of prescriptive analysis. This type of analysis sorts through all of the decision options to find the most highly advantageous choice. This means you can set those big, ambitious goals for your team with confidence that is backed by data science.

Making Informed Business Decisions

The best way to make decisions about the future of your business is to be highly informed when doing so. Completing operations research is critical to business analytics and creating actionable decision options. The implications of each decision option may not be clear on their own, but when you employ prescriptive analytics technology the implications become clearer. You can make better-informed decisions in real-time. From customer service to business expansion, prescriptive analytics software gives you to tools you need to make smarter business choices.

Increasing Profitability

The algorithms that result from a prescriptive analysis can translate into solid financial services for your company. As shown in the previous use cases, business analytics can be used to increase employee productivity and control spending. These use cases combined can positively affect your business’s profitability. Data analytics are constantly improving and becoming more powerful. Business innovation is about breaking out of the outdated business rules of the past and creating new rules that better serve your team. This commitment to positive change is what will set your business apart and grow your profits to heights you might not have imagined before.

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