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10 Reasons that You Should Buy A Business Telephone


Considering the fact that technology has evolved at a pace where everything has turned mobile, business leaders are skeptical about having a dedicated business phone. While this might sound acceptable for some, a business telephone is no longer a steady channel for communication.

With time, technology has sneaked in the telecom industry altering the way businesses communicate. If you are someone who is wondering whether your business needs a dedicated phone number or say the business telephone, here are a few reasons to consider, as suggested by experts at cNumber.

Note: The modern-day business telephone isn’t the wired landline phone enabling one-to-one communication. Instead, it is one that connects on any device with a steady internet connection and has tons of other features.

10 Reasons Your Business Needs A Telephone Number

Global Footprint

What this means is that the dedicated business phone numbers are geographically independent. They aren’t limited to a particular region, locality, or nation. You can use the same number to connect with customers across the globe by simply adding the country code. Checkout the article about 0345 area code by cNumber to see how the different codes work.

Build your brand

With VoIP technology, you can have multiple numbers with different country codes to simplify the communication process between you and your overseas customers. As a matter of fact, you can use different numbers for different regions, creating an impression of the local presence of your business. Customers prefer connecting with local businesses and having a business number for a particular region is the best bet.

Offers Scalability

Businesses never stay the same. They either grow forward or fall backward. In either case, it is important to have a dedicated solution that can be scaled as per the needs. With VoIP telephony, you can scale your business phone as per the requirements. For example, if you wish to extend the communication to a different country, you can always connect with the service provider and ask them to do the needful.

Ubiquitous Access

As mentioned above, VoIP telephony isn’t confined within the walls of your organization but can be accessed from anywhere across the globe. This is by far one of the biggest advantages of having a business phone number. Often, it so happens that customers connect at odd hours of the day or when the executive isn’t reachable. The ease offered in terms of accessibility eliminates the possibility of a call is unanswered.


VoIP telephones aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, the same can be customized as per the business requirements and customer expectations. Whether you wish to have an automated response system or not, it totally depends upon you. All of the services provided by the business phone number are tailored to meet the end goals of a business.

Easy to Maintain

Where the traditional phones require a great deal of effort in maintenance or fixing issues, the present-day business phones are cloud-based and can be accessed remotely. If there arises an error, the service provider can remotely work to fix the bug, ensuring seamless operation.


Talk about the business phone numbers and do not mention their features would be a wrong act. Business telephones today are designed to offer more than just vocal communication. With these, you can easily record calls, transfer them, or forward as and when needed.

Automation in place

The business phone numbers come with the IVR facility that bestows the network with an automated response system. This improves the customer experience while reducing the time and effort spent in connecting the call to the right agent.

International Communication

Another reason why your business needs a telephone number is cost-effectiveness. While the traditional numbers levy heavy charges and aren’t feasible when making international calls. When running a business, you will always need to connect with your clients and a business phone number is the best way to connect.

Voicemail Feature

At times, it so happens that a customer tries to connect with the business but fails. This is where the voicemail feature comes into play. With the business phone number, you can give your customers the ease to share their queries over the voicemail.


Having said all of the above in this article about 0345 area code, it is pretty clear that a business phone number is more than just an option and apparently, the need for the hour. So, choose a worthy service provider like cNumber for your business phone.

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